Explore Renteca’s solutions for BHP, Viva Energy, Millmerran power station and more

Renteca has a longstanding track record of supplying market-leading project solutions to key mining, resources and construction projects throughout the trans-Tasman.

From facilitating accelerated acid tank construction to providing complex heat treatment solutions, supplying effective equipment for big jobs in challenging locations and revolutionising the supply of turnkey tooling for power station shutdowns, Renteca consistently demonstrates lateral thinking which is reinforced by one of the largest and most accessible heavy equipment supplies in the industry.

These case studies highlight how Renteca has successfully engineered robust and reliable equipment and service solutions which drive value and productivity for each client, every time.

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Turnkey Tooling solution: CS Energy, Callide and Kogan Creek power stations

Working across the Callide and Kogan Creek power stations, Renteca was engaged to roll out a cost-effective Turnkey Tooling solution with industry-preferred gear which was fully-maintained, site compliant and safe.

With typical tooling supplies generally requiring a high level of logistics and costs, Renteca developed a streamlined approach which would allow the large-scale semi-permanent supply of resources including power tools, electronic test tools, hydraulic tools, pneumatic tools, rigging equipment, industrial welding equipment, power distribution systems, powered air welding helmets and face shields, safety gear, fall arrest systems, head wear, plus access to tool tracking software and ongoing technical support.

It is with Renteca’s extensive knowledge in power stations and the resources industry that they were able to deliver a highly efficient tooling package resulting in lower annual costs and increased access to resources – a fully customised, turnkey package.

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Heat treatment and technical support: CS Energy, Callide power station

Renteca was engaged to develop an effective solution for heat treatment works for a shutdown at Callide power station.

With extensive technical considerations at hand, Renteca had to exercise their awareness in welding and stress relieving heat treatments in an effort to avoid a wide range of potential productivity and safety issues.

Tapping into their comprehensive outlook on project solutions, Renteca was able to supply suitable Miller Proheat 35 induction heating equipment along with skilled technicians to ensure the critical boiler which runs at very high temperatures continued to worked safely within time and on budget.

The solutions package provided increased economics and faster operational times, lower power consumption and enhanced safety.

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Equipment hire: BHP, Hay Point shiploader terminal

With the largest stock of welding equipment Australia-wide, Renteca facilitated the supply of welders, power generators and electrical switchboards for an upgrade to the Hay Point shiploader terminal.

Working with extremely challenging site access in partnership with their client, Renteca designed a small equipment footprint which was critical to the project while still allowing a collection of 60 welding arcs to be available during construction.

A hallmark of Renteca’s difference, this comprehensive solution reduced the amount of diesel welders on site and allowed inverter banks to be positioned throughout the facility, working to condense fuel consumption and site noise levels.

It’s thanks to Renteca’s strong skills in client collaboration that they were able to create a suitable equipment network using customised accessories which worked to execute the job efficiently and within budget.

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Equipment hire: Viva Energy, Geelong

One of only four refineries still operating in Australia, Renteca was engaged to support the specialised requirements of Viva Energy as they repaired the reactor dome during a routine shutdown.

Highly skilled in niche project requirements such as this, Renteca was able to swiftly deploy power generators and preheating equipment in the safest manner possible with minimal downtime.

As a critical plant in the area, Renteca developed an efficient two-part solution involving the supply of multiple Miller Proheat 35 induction heating machines and accessories plus Caterpillar 500kVA generators to complete the job.

Backed by their specialist technical knowledge, Renteca also configured the power generators to standby so that in the event of a failure, a backup machine would supply load within mere seconds.

With extensive experience in the industry and able to foresee an array of different outcomes, Renteca exercised their expertise in faultless continuation by formulating this comprehensive two-part equipment solution.

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Equipment hire: BHP, Olympic Dam

Renteca worked closely with BHP to develop an equipment solution which would facilitate the construction of an acid tank on-site within very limited time constraints.

A great opportunity to exercise their nimble thinking and market-leading equipment deployment speeds, Renteca delivered power generators, electrical switchboards, cabling and specialised inverter welders in record time.

Demonstrating their flexibility as industry-leading equipment suppliers, Renteca’s comprehensive equipment package even included accelerated manufacturing and import of purpose-built double-sided welders specifically for this project.

With a sweeping national footprint, equipment was seamlessly deployed from Renteca’s West Australian branches with weld prequalification exercises carried out on existing stock in their Brisbane branch.

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Heat treatment and technical support: Millmerran power station

Renteca was engaged to assist with the supply of critical heat treatment equipment and technical support for an issue which occurred during routine overhaul work at Millmerran power station.

The project involved the replacement of wear plates on a draft fan motor which required specialised heat treatment on welded areas to prevent cracking.

With challenging access and restricted movement for technicians and machinery, Renteca worked in partnership with the client to improve the project site by reducing caballing and other material.

As a result of Renteca’s hallmark client partnership, they were able to supply a combination of skilled equipment technicians across 24-hour periods and a customised equipment package which would improve the condition of the job site and, ultimately, work to maximise timing restrictions.

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