The Project – Hay Point Shiploader Project – Plant Upgrade

BHP’s Hay Point shiploader terminal is one of the largest coal export terminals in Australia. BHP undertook upgrade and improvement work during a 6 month period in 2020.

The requirement – Multiple welding equipment arcs, electrical switchboards and power generation equipment. The Hay Point shiploader site access requirements are extremely challenging. A small footprint design option for the welding technology was critical to the project which still allowed some 60 welding arcs to be available during construction. 

The solution 

Renteca in partnership with our client developed a suitable power distribution network using customised electrical switchboards allowing a number of welding inverter banks to be used throughout the site (over 60 arcs). Our solution reduced the amount of diesel welders on site and allowed inverter banks to be positioned throughout the facility. This reduced fuel consumption, satisfied the small foot print requirements and reduced site noise levels.  Load diversity was a challenge at certain points during the project. This was addressed using load banks during periods of light loading during nightshift preventing wet stacking on the larger generators and a number of smaller generators.

Equipment Supplied 

  • Multiple Lincoln 650x amp inverter banks 
  • 50 Electrical Switchboards 
  • 14 Diesel Generators ranging from 60kva to 500kva