Turnkey Tooling, Equipment Servicing, Support, Maintenance and Repairs

For the past 20 years Renteca has provided unwavering welding equipment and generator support and services resulting in market-leading project solutions that save time, money and manpower.

It is with highly specialised technical knowledge and a deep understanding of industrial logistics that Renteca’s precise internal protocols allow them to expertly assess, deploy, maintain and monitor equipment on a global scale.

Whether you require Turnkey Tooling solutions, technical equipment support, repairs and maintenance, or equipment export, Renteca can facilitate a wide range of service options designed to streamline your procurement process.

Capability Statement

Turnkey Tooling

Renteca provides an extensive range of shutdown tooling and specialised equipment technologies for plant maintenance and construction. Renteca’s offering includes fully modular on-site distribution and maintenance hubs. Our product line-up includes, air powered tools, portable electrical equipment, rigging and safety, hydraulic tool packages, welding safety such as speed glass, battery welders, torquing and tube preparation equipment. Our offerings include general industrial products and full consumable packages allowing complete supply chain consolidations. .

Renteca’s difference is in our equipment quality and extreme duty customisations, on site tracking technology solutions which include GPS and locatable BlueTooth tags, leading product knowledge backed by OEM training and distributor status in our core categories, permanent onsite maintenance personnel, maintenance hubs where needed and comprehensive logistical support.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Damage with extreme duty equipment specifications.
  • Fast response time and large capacity facilities
  • Onsite maintenance teams
  • Proven Lost tool reduction solutions and tracking solutions
  • Leaders in on site tool location visibility and client accessible reporting
  • Consolidation of consumables and contractor equipment
  • Lower cost with innovative and project specific commercial solutions

To discuss a customised Turnkey Tooling solution for your next project, contact our team.

Technical equipment support

If you’re in the market for Renteca’s premium heavy machinery, rest assured you’re backed by the support of their highly skilled technical team.

Whether you require specialised labour resources or remote advice, Renteca can develop nimble technical solutions for projects anywhere within Australia.

To determine what equipment support your project might require, Renteca undertakes a rigorous assessment to develop customised solutions for site maintenance and monitoring in partnership with each client.

Some of Renteca’s technical equipment support solutions include:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Supply of redundant equipment in the event of a failure
  • Off-site support
  • On-site service and installation technicians

Renteca also provides warranty services for Lincoln Electric and Miller welders, plus diesel welder repair services.

To find out more about Renteca’s technical equipment support solutions, contact our team.

Equipment repairs and maintenance

Renteca is proud to invest heavily in its technical team, making them industry-leading for welding machinery, compressors, and power generator repair servicing and maintenance.

Get top-quality welding equipment and heavy industrial supplies with after sales support at Renteca. Partnering with industry-preferred manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Miller, Lincoln Electric and Imnesol, Renteca’s skilled technicians undertake regular OEM training in state-of-the-art workshops to ensure they can provide support and service standards that their competitors can’t match.

Featuring one of the most extensive direct service networks in the sector, Renteca takes a bi-coastal approach to repairs and maintenance with facilities located in Brisbane and Perth, plus sub depots in Karratha and Newcastle.

Renteca’s welding equipment and generator maintenance and repair capabilities include:

  • Electronic testing systems so clients can easily access records and certificates
  • Mobile testing and inspection services
  • On-site calibration services
  • Graphical meters
  • VRD testing equipment
  • Predictive measuring equipment to detect future faults
  • Workshop testing load banks to 1,000amps for welders and 500kVA for power generators

Whether you want your machinery regularly serviced, repair your generator, require support and service for multiple units, or need other maintenance and turnkey solutions, our team can provide full-service capabilities for your business.

For more details on how Renteca can help with equipment repair and maintenance, contact our team.

Equipment export

Renteca has a longstanding track record of supplying high-quality equipment to overseas markets for many years.

Deploying heavy machinery from their facilities on the east and west coasts of Australia, Renteca regularly exports equipment to Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Hong Kong and other Asia Pacific locations.

Whether you’re buying or hiring heavy machinery, Renteca has the ability to ship large-scale asset packages swiftly to even the most remote parts of the world.

From mining and resources to construction and more, Renteca can engineer expert equipment solutions that optimise productivity and add value to your bottom line.

Give the Renteca team a call to discuss your equipment export needs.

For more details on how Renteca can help with Equipment Export, contact our team.

Stud Welding Services

Through the acquisition and integration of an established stud welding services company in New South Wales Renteca provides onsite stud welding solutions with our experienced operators nationwide.

Our stud welding equipment includes CD and Drawn arc stud welders allowing us to shoot up to 22mm shear studs with our experienced operators. Our stud welding offerings onsite are executed in accordance with the requirements AS1554.2 and are suited to a range of industries such as mining, oil and gas and commercial construction.

Our applications scope includes

  • Threaded studs
  • Shear connectors
  • Anchoring studs
  • Wear studs

All services are provided as a turnkey solution including equipment, labour and materials.

For more details on how Renteca can help with stud welding services, contact our team.

Heat Treatment Services

Renteca have been providing dry and wet hire of induction heating equipment throughout Australia for over 10 years. Our specialisation is in on-site Induction Heating Technologies and custom build applications for various industries. Our solutions are turnkey which provides all equipment and labour necessary to execute on site heat treatment projects.

Equipment line-up

  • Proheat 35 water cooled power sources with air cooled and liquid cooled cables.
  • Arc Reach Heaters and Arc Reach power sources
  • Arc Reach diesel driven equipment to power arc reach heaters in remote locations
  • Digital Chart records
  • Diesel generators and electrical switchboards for the induction heating equipment
  • Customised jigs to suit differing object shapes.

For more details on how Renteca can help with Heat Treatment Services, contact our team.

Weld Automation Services

Renteca provides weld automation equipment across the full spectrum of mechanised welding technology options, budgets and to varying degrees of complexity. Our solutions range from simple semi-automated solutions to fully mechanised solutions with minimal operator intervention. Our weld automation solutions include object moving, arc movement or a combination of both options.

Our weld automation solutions focus on improving deposition rates by correct consumable and welding power source technology selection coupled with improved object orientation, maintaining welding in Down hand or horizontal positions which are the fasting deposition welding positions.

Renteca Weld Automation product line up

  • Tank Welding Equipment and inspection carriages.
  • Gullco Travel Carriages with various attachment options
  • Rotators to 100 tonne
  • Positioners to 20 tonne
  • Robotic welders such as Cobots
  • Manipulators

For more details on how Renteca can help with Weld Automation Services, contact our team.