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The “INMESOL” 200 – 220 kVA generator (INDUSTRIAL MANUAL), is an electrical energy generating machine with diesel VOLVO TAD753GE engine, 50 Hz – Three-phase, alternator model MECC-ALTE ECO38-2SN, 400/230 Voltage, which is used in places where there is no mains supply or when there is a MAINS failure.

The mobile elements, distribution belt, fan, etc., and those parts which reach high temperatures during operation, exhaust manifold, etc, include their corresponding protections, in compliance with the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42.


The IVRN-220 genset holds the “CE” marking, and the corresponding Declaration of Conformity is issued with each of them, in which it specifies that the machine complies with R.D 842/2002 Low Voltage Regulations and with the European Directives:

  • 2006/42 on Safety in Machinery.
  • 2006/95/CE on Electrical Safety.
  • 2004/108/CE on Electromagnetic Compatibility.
  • 2005/88/CE on NOISE EMISSIONS by equipment for outdoor use (for SOUNDPROOF GENERATOR SETS).

Key Features of Our 200KVA Generators

CAT 200KVA Generator

  • Highly Efficient Fuel Consumption: This generator is optimised for 5% lower fuel consumption, ensuring longer run times between fuel fills and reduced operating costs.
  • Robust Design for Increased Durability: Built with high-quality materials, this generator is designed to withstand demanding and harsh environments.
  • Advanced Control Panel for Easy Operation: User-friendly controls make it simple to operate, even for those with minimal technical knowledge.
  • Low Noise Level for Minimal Disturbance: Ideal for urban and suburban locations, the low operational noise ensures minimal disruption to your work environment.
  • Suitable for Harsh & Testing Environments: Uniquely designed to perform in challenging conditions, making it a reliable power solution for industries operating in tough environments.
  • Reliability Tested for Over 500 Hours: Our CAT 200KVA generators go through rigorous testing, ensuring you can count on emergency power when it is needed.

Inmesol 200KVA Generator

  • Compact Design for Easy Installation: Its small footprint makes it perfect for locations with space constraints without compromising on power output.
  • Environmentally Friendly with Low Emission Levels: The Inmesol 200 KVA diesel generator meets stringent emission standards, making it a responsible choice for businesses conscious of their environmental impact.
  • High-Quality Components for Long-Lasting Performance: Built with premium parts, this generator promises reliable performance and longevity.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology for Optimal Power Output: Incorporating the latest in generator technology, it delivers consistent, high-quality power.
  • Remote Start: This generator can be started remotely, allowing you to start up the generator from a safe and convenient distance.


Fuel Consumption of Our 200KVA Generators

CAT 200KVA Generator

This powerhouse is designed with a fuel capacity that varies based on load.

  • At 50% load, it consumes 25.6 litres per hour,
  • At 75% load, the consumption increases to 37.8 litres per hour, and
  • At full 100% load, it consumes 49 litres per hour.

This tiered consumption means that you only use what you need, helping to optimise efficiency and reduce unnecessary fuel expenditure.

Inmesol 200KVA Generator

The Inmesol model offers slightly lower fuel consumption rates, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to balance power needs with operational costs.

  • At 50% load, it uses 23 litres per hour,
  • At 75% load, it consumes 34 litres per hour, and
  • At 100% load, the generator requires 46 litres per hour.

These numbers represent a thoughtful balance between performance and economy, making it a smart choice for budget-conscious businesses without compromising on power output.


Maximum Load of Our 200KVA Generators

CAT 200KVA Generator

This model boasts a maximum load of 176 kW. It can comfortably power large machinery, whole building systems, or even small-scale industrial operations. Its high load capacity makes it an excellent choice for businesses needing a dependable power source during outages or for off-grid operations.

Inmesol 200KVA Generator

The Inmesol model matches the CAT with its own maximum load capacity of 176 kW. Whether powering construction site equipment, emergency medical facilities, or large event infrastructure, this generator offers the high-capacity power output you need to keep everything running smoothly.

200KVA Generator Applications

  • Emergency Power Backup for Businesses: In the event of a power outage, our 200 KVA generators step in to ensure your business operations continue without interruption.
  • Construction Site PowerSupply: Our diesel generators provide reliable power for tools, lighting and other equipment on construction sites, where access to grid power is often unavailable.
  • Mining Operations: Built to withstand harsh environments, our 200KVA generators are ideal for providing power in remote mining locations.
  • Event Power Solutions: Whether it’s a concert, conference or outdoor festival, our generators ensure that your event runs smoothly with consistent and reliable power.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Our 200 KVA three-phase generators can handle the high energy demands of manufacturing facilities, ensuring machinery and production lines keep operating efficiently.

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