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Renteca has been providing premium machinery to hire for a wide scope of projects within the heavy industries for two decades.

Offering industry-preferred equipment for hire which is meticulously maintained by factory-trained technicians, Renteca supplies fully compliant products across brands such as Caterpillar, Miller, Lincoln Electric, Imnesol, Powermax, Gullco, Nelson, Lifeguard and more.

Featuring one of Australia’s largest catalogues of equipment available for hire, clients benefit from Renteca’s sweeping national footprint which allows machinery to be promptly deployed from each corner of the country.

Renowned for industry-leading responsiveness and reliability, Renteca partners closely with clients to design tailored solutions which add unbeatable value to each project.

Equipment available for hire includes:

  • Weld automation and welding equipment
  • Rotating and positioning equipment
  • Power generators
  • Compressors
  • Electrical distribution and induction heating instruments

Renteca’s prides itself on supplying a fleet that is constantly updated with modern and innovative technologies. Offering robust machinery which is built for extreme conditions, you can benefit from state-of-the-art capabilities including remote monitoring and optimal fuel efficiency.

From simple dry hire solutions to intricate full-scale projects, Renteca has a proven track record of successfully supplying premium, performance-ready certified equipment directly to site within even the tightest project timelines.


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Wulguru Group


Ravenswood Gold Mine, Ravenswood, North Queensland


12 months


Ravenswood Gold Mine is located 130km south of Townsville and is an open pit mine which was among the top gold producers in Australia in the early 1900s. More than 100 years later, Ravenswood Gold Mine underwent a major expansion which will extend its life another 14 years due to a new 220-metre deep pit which spans almost half a kilometre. The expansion will result in over 1.5 million ounces of gold with production continuing until 2032.


Wulguru Group engaged Renteca to supply welders, welding equipment hire and skilled labour to design, fabricate and construct six large leaching tanks for ore processing.


Renteca successfully supplied bulk machinery hire to facilitate the expansion of Ravenswood Gold Mine for the construction of critical components associated with metallurgical processing. Specialised welding equipment included eight Lincoln Electric LN25 Multi Process welders, one vertical weld machine, one girth welder powered by two Lincoln Electric 580 diesel power generators, two LT-7 self-propelled Tractors and two DC600 Lincoln Electric welding units. The girth welder and vertical welding machines acted as fundamental assets to this project due to their versatility in tank welding which played a key role in timely and cost-effective project completion.

Renteca created a customised solution for Wulguru Group’s Ravenswood Mine expansion project, which included the supply of welders and welding equipment which would operate in the limited space between each leaching tank, as well as supplying a reliable bank of welders that were user-friendly for the on-site work force. In addition to machinery hire, Renteca provided support throughout the project relating to general advice, specific OEM information and different project obstacles.

Renteca has always been great to deal with and their service is excellent. Mining and resources is one of the most competitive markets in Australia, so achieving the most economical outcome is important. This demands high quality equipment and machinery for each project with minimal down time. Renteca has continuously supported Wulguru Group with expert knowledge which further educates our team and has proven to be an economical advantage for us. I can rely on Renteca to take a phone call or reply to an email ASAP which gives me confidence that they are the correct supplier. I have been using Renteca for well over 10 years and they have never let me down. I would recommend Renteca to any of my colleagues who are looking to purchase or rent high-end welding equipment.

Richard Toigo, Project Manager, Wulguru Group, Equipment hire

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