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The Rental Range of Renteca 44 kva generator sets, is aimed at temporary electrical supply, where the main applications are construction, public works, roads, underground constructions, concerts, celebrations, telecommunications, industries etc.

The diesel Rental Range mainly stands out for its soundproof cabin designed extreme duty canopy and studied by engineers to comply with the most rigorous specifications for noise emissions to the atmosphere.

It has a wide range of accessories to extend the maintenance processes when refilling fuel, etc., according to electrical safety and environmental standards. This, together with a wide variety of options such as pre-filter systems, plugs and types of electrical connection with an easy control panel.

The generator set for rental is designed and manufactured with robustness and solidity for work in severe weather conditions, taking into account the accessibility to the different parts of the generator set, which make the maintenance tasks easier.

Standby 44KVA
Prime 40KVA

Experience the power of reliability with Renteca’s 40KVA generator hire services

At Renteca, we understand the importance of reliable power for your projects. That’s why we offer a 40 KVA generator hire service designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you are running an event, powering a construction site, or just need backup power, our 40 KVA generators are ready to deliver.

40 KVA Generator Applications

Our 40 KVA generators are designed with versatility in mind. They can be used for:

  • Events: Providing power at outdoor events such as concerts and festivals
  • Construction sites: Supporting construction and industrial operations where mains power is unavailable
  • Backup power: Providing emergency backup power in case of a power outage
  • Emergency services: Supporting vital operations for emergency services personnel

What are some of the key features of the 40KVA generator?

Our 40KVA generators come packed with features to ensure you get the most out of your hire. These include:

  • High fuel efficiency: The 40 KVA generators we offer are engineered for maximum fuel efficiency, meaning you can extract more power from every litre.
  • Unmatched reliability: Our 40KVA generators, built with high-quality components, provide a steady power supply even under fluctuating load conditions.
  • Minimal noise operation: We have super silent models available in our 40KVA range, ensuring that your operations or events aren’t disturbed by noise pollution.
  • Ease of operation: With user-friendly interfaces, our 40KVA generators make it easy to monitor performance and manage power output.
  • Event Tracking: The real-time clock records the last 100 events, ensuring you always have a clear history of your generator’s operation.
  • Software Configurability: You can fully configure your generator via software and PC, tailoring its performance to your unique requirements.
  • Flexible Inputs and Outputs: The generator comes with configurable inputs and outputs for increased versatility.
  • Remote Control: Connect via USB cable for convenient remote control of your generator.
  • DSE Net Expansion: This feature allows for the connection of expansion modules, expanding the possibilities of adapting the generator’s operation to different current applications.
  • Programmable Clock: Schedule multiple maintenance events for optimal motor functioning. You can program up to 8 startups and shutdowns per week.
  • Customisable Alarms and Timers: Set alarms and timers that suit your operational needs.
  • Alternative Configurations: Open up your working possibilities with flexible configuration options.
  • Data Logging: View graphical or tabular information on genset operation for easy monitoring.
  • Sleep Mode: Save energy when the generator is not in use.
  • External Start-up Inhibition: Option to inhibit start-up by an external signal during a specific period.
  • Internal PLC Editor: Tailor your generator’s performance with the internal PLC editor.
  • Personalised Power-Up: Customise power-up text and images for a personalised user experience.
  • Fuel and Start Outputs: These are configurable when using CAN for greater control.
  • Five-Key Menu Navigation: Navigate through the menu easily with five-key navigation.
  • Tier 4 ECO Engine Support: Includes support for exhaust fluids & filters, ensuring eco-friendly operation.
  • Backed-Up Real Time Clock: Keeps track of time even in the event of power loss.

How much fuel does a 40KVA generator use per hour?

Our 40KVA generators are designed for optimal efficiency. The fuel usage varies based on the power load, allowing you to manage your fuel costs effectively:

  • At 50% power usage, the generator consumes approximately 5.7 litres of diesel per hour
  • At 75% power usage, the fuel consumption increases slightly to around 8 litres per hour
  • When operating at full capacity (100% power), the generator uses around 10.3 litres per hour

This efficient fuel usage ensures that even at full capacity, our 40KVA generators remain a cost-effective solution for your power needs.

What is the maximum load on 40KVA generator?

The maximum load on a 40KVA diesel generator is approximately 37.3 kilowatts. This makes it suitable for running multiple heavy-duty appliances simultaneously or for powering a small to medium-sized site.

How much does it cost to hire a 40KVA generator?

The cost to hire a 40KVA generator from Renteca depends on the length of the rental period and other factors. We strive to offer competitive rates and flexible terms to suit your project’s needs and budget. For a detailed quote, please contact our team directly.

With Renteca, you can know that when you hire generators, it’s maintained to the highest standards. Our expert team is always on hand to provide advice and support, ensuring you get the right generator for your needs.

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