The Project – B2, C3 and Kogan Creek Shutdown Turnkey Tooling Supply

Shutdowns within the power generation and mining and resources industries traditionally require a thorough equipment management solution where tools and safety gear transit through sites episodically through the life cycle. A costly process which involves a high-level of logistical work and ongoing management, Renteca saw the opportunity to formulate a turnkey tooling solution supplied for a 12-month duration to reverse the inconveniences associated with inconsistently-maintained sites. Partnering with Queensland’s largest power generator, CS Energy, Renteca engineered a comprehensive solution covering everything from tool stores, equipment maintenance, safety gear and management software. A supply which has been successfully implemented since early 2022, Renteca has created a cost-effective tooling solution with industry-preferred gear which is fully-maintained, site compliant and most importantly, safe.



The Challenge

There can be a number of challenges associated with
temporary tool stores which include:
• unreliable or poorly maintained tools which increase the
likelihood of injuries and delays;
• narrow stock selection which can lead to project
interruptions while awaiting appropriate equipment;
• higher costs associated with logistical matters;
• lower employee morale due to the supply of subpar
• increased chances of stock loss due to poor tracking
systems; and tooling management.
• ongoing onboarding requirements of regular tool suppliers;
• an inconsistent approach to tooling specifications, and;
• difficulty understanding site-specific requirements and
tooling customisations.

 The Solution

With traditional tool stores on-site for only 40 to 60 days, Renteca identified a need for a streamlined equipment solution enabling CS Energy the semi-permanent supply of tools resulting in lower annual costs and increased access to resources. A fully customised ‘turnkey’ package,

Renteca engineered a more cost-effective solution for CS Energy while also providing a catalogue of premium performance-ready
equipment from industry-leading brands backed by Renteca’s reliable maintenance support systems and expert equipment knowledge.
With extensive experience in power generation and mining and resources, including shut down projects, Renteca was able to easily determine a stock list spanning power tools, electronic test tools, hydraulic tools, pneumatic tools, rigging equipment, industrial welding equipment, power distribution systems, powered air welding helmets and face shields, plus a wide range of safety gear including harnesses, fall arrest systems, head wear and more.

Managing stock and maintaining accountability is further streamlined at CS Energy thanks to Renteca’s supply of fully-automated tool inventory software. A comprehensive equipment tracking solution which saves costs and improves efficiency, ToolHound enables employees to have the right tool in the right hands, right now. A fully-maintained arrangement where equipment is always ready on-site, projects at CS Energy are now constantly reinforced with reliable equipment which is rigorously serviced, safe and compliant, and offers benefits for budgets, productivity and staff morale.

  • Metabo and Milwaukee power tools
  • Fluke electronic test tools
  • Air manifolds and hoses
  • Rigging equipment
  • Enerpac hydraulic tools
  • Torquing equipment
  • Ingersoll Rand pneumatic tools
  • Miller Electric industrial welders and welding equipment
  • Lincoln Electric industrial welders and welding equipment
  • Battery welders and plasma cutting systems
  • Lifeguard Power Distribution Systems
  • 3M Speedglas Air Fed Helmets, available as automatic
    welding lens helmets or face shields
  • MSA Safety equipment including harnesses, respirators,
    eye, head and hearing protection, gas and flame detection,
    and more.