Lincoln V270tp

MAKE: Lincoln

MODEL: V270tp

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Design for welding multi-site welding

The Lincoln V270tp is an impressive little welder with a lightweight, durable design specially made for welders who need a portable welder that’s capable of getting the job done, whatever it may be. A stand-out feature of this powerful compact welder is, by far, its portability. In addition to its easy-to-carry design, the Invertec V270 TP is also generator-compatible, making it even easier to use when you’re working from the job site. Weighing 15.2kg, it’s also nice and light, making it easy to carry around with you as you weld.

Lincoln V270tp specifications

  • Primary Voltage: 400V/3Ph
  • Current Range: 5-270
  • Rated Output: 270A/30.8V/35%, 200A/28V/100%
  • Fuel Size: 20A
  • Weight: 15.2kg
  • Dimensions: H385xW215xD480
  • Protection rating: IP23S/H
  • Welding output: 270A/30.8 @ 35%, 200A/28@100%
  • OCV: 48Vdc

Lincoln V270tp Features

The Lincoln Invertec V270 TP offers a great combination of durability and convenience, making it a great choice for professionals in the industry looking for a welding machine that’ll get the job done, is easy to carry, and can take a beating. Here are some features of the Invertec V270:

HF and Lift TIG Ignition

A valuable feature that comes with the Lincoln V270TP is its high frequency (HF) and lift TIG ignition systems. The HF TIG ignition system provides welders with a method to ignite their arc without contact, giving them a clear and efficient start to welding while reducing contamination and compromising weld quality. For welders who value precision while welding, this feature will provide it.

Then there’s the Lift TIG ignition system, which offers the opposite. With Lift TIG ignition, the welder has to make contact to ignite the arc. This method is usually used in environments where HF interference can cause issues. That said, having both welding options available gives you some flexibility for welding in different areas.

User-Friendly Interface

Another stand-out feature of the Lincoln V270TP is how its user interface (UI) complements its capabilities. We’ve already mentioned how capable this welder is, but it’s also easy to use, making it suitable for beginners and professional welders.

The control panel is well marked, making it easy to choose welding parameters and navigate the machine features like variable pulse control (for TP models), downslope, and post-flow adjustments. Digital preset meter and hold function add to this, allowing you to set precise welding parameters to use repeatedly across welds.

Advanced Welding Technology

The Lincoln V270TP is designed with advanced welding technology that allows it to exceed your performance expectations. This machine offers a high-speed pulse, which allows welders to adjust the arc focus, reducing the distortion and increasing the travelling speed. It also has a fan that helps conserve power and reduce the fumes and dust taken in by the machine, giving it a longer lifespan. Combine this with its durable design and easy-to-use UI, and you’re getting a powerful, portable, and durable welder that’s perfect for multiple welding jobs.

Lincoln V270tp Applications

  • Fabrication
  • Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Manufacturing

Lincoln V270tp Processes

  • Stick
  • Lift TIG / TIG HF
  • TIG Pulse (V270-TP)

Lincoln V270tp FAQs

What types of materials can be welded with the Lincoln V270tp?

The Invertec 270TP can be used to weld on multiple materials, including steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

What safety features does the Lincoln V270TP have?

For Lincoln, safety is a priority. That’s why the V270TP has over-current and over-temperature protection to help prevent damage to the machine and reduce the risk of accidents. In addition to this, the HF and LF ignition methods also offer some safety when the arc starts.

What generator do you need to run the Invertec V270TP?

When choosing a generator to run your Lincoln V270TP, there are a few things you need to consider. For instance, how much power does your welder take when idling and while you’re welding? While using the TIG welder function, the machine will require about 270 amps. To supply this power, you’d need a generator with between 8 to 10 kW of power.

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