Miller 800x Welder

MAKE: Miller

MODEL: Big Blue® 800x Duo Air Pak™

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Unmatched Power for Intense Welding Needs

Experience the epitome of power with the Miller Big Blue 800x Duo Air Pak with ArcReach Technology, the industry’s most potent T4F diesel welder, auxiliary power converter, and air compressor. This powerhouse offers unrivalled output for power generation and welding. It is an excellent choice for labour-intensive projects that require dual-operator applications or sites where space is at a premium. Trust in the Big Blue 800 Duo Air Pak to deliver superior results every time.

Miller 800x Specifications

Title: Big Blue® 800 Duo Air Pak™

Industries Interests:

  • Construction and Fabrication
  • Mining
  • Pipeline
  • Railcar

Amperage: 20 A – 800 A

Weldable Metals: Stainless Steel Steel

Rated Carbon Diameter: 1/2 in (12.7 mm)

Current Type: DC

Max Open Circuit Voltage: 85 VDC


  • Fork Pockets
  • Lift Eye (Standard)
  • Trailer (Optional)

Cold Weather Starting Aids: Engine Block Heater Glow Plugs

Engine Brand: Deutz

Engine Compliance: T4F

Engine Idle Speed: 1350 RPM

Engine Weld Speed: 1800 RPM

Fuel Tank Size: 25 gal.

Fuel Type: Diesel

Horsepower: 65.7 hp

Weld Output: CC / CV

Rated Output: Separate (dual outputs, each side): CC/DC – 400 A at 36 V; CV/DC – 400 A at 34 V / Paralleled (combined):CC/DC – 700 A at 44 V, 800 A at 38 V; CV/DC – 750 A at 40 V, 800 A at 38 V

Single Phase Auxiliary Continuous Power: 12000 W

Single Phase Auxiliary Peak Power: 15000 W

Sound Rating: Idle: 71.3 dB / Weld: 78.9

Three Phase Auxiliary Continuous Power: 20000 W

Three Phase Auxiliary Peak Power: 27000 W

Compressor Brand: Ingersoll Rand Screw-Type

Compressor Free Air Delivery: 60 cfm (1.70 m3/min.)

Compressor Working Pressure: 100 psig

Compressor Duty Cycle: 100%

Compressor Automatic Shutdown: Oil temperature

Applications: Mobile Fabrication & MRO Process Pipe

Net Width: 28.5 in

Net Height: 46 in

Net Length: 69.5 in

Net Weight: 2095 lbs

Warranty: 3 Years Miller’s True Blue Warranty

Miller 800x Features

Air Compressor – Ingersoll Rand

Boasting an ultra-reliable industrial rotary screw air compressor from Ingersoll Rand, the Miller 800x offers a remarkable 30,000-hour life expectancy.

With its independent on/off control for applications that don’t require compressed air, it ensures longer compressor service intervals. This translates to substantial fuel savings and extended durability.

ArcReach® Technology

Revolutionising the way weld adjustments are made, the Miller 800x features exclusive ArcReach® technology. This system leverages existing weld cables for communication, placing amperage and voltage control directly at the operator’s fingertips.

ArcReach Heater Compatibility

Take control with the Miller 800x’s ArcReach Heater compatibility. This feature enables you to master field preheat and bakeout applications up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315°C), using induction heating for quick, safe preheating.

As a part of the ArcReach technology platform, the ArcReach Heater ensures premium quality arcs and enhances the functionality of select ArcReach welding power sources.

Dynamic DIG™

Miller’s proprietary Dynamic DIG™, unlike traditional DIG systems, employs a time-based algorithm to automatically fine-tune the current needed to clear a short. This innovative feature ensures a smoother, more consistent arc that can be customised to suit the application, material, fit-up, and welder’s technique.

Electronic Engine Display

Your Miller 800x displays engine diagnostics that provide you with critical information at your fingertips. It simultaneously tracks and displays air pressure, coolant temperature, engine hours, engine RPM, battery volts, and oil pressure.

With added features like displaying engine diagnostics and tracking oil change intervals, servicing your machine has never been quicker or easier.

Heavy-Duty Low-Speed DEUTZ TD2.9 L4 T4F Industrial Diesel Engine

Unleash the power of the low-speed DEUTZ TD2.9 L4 T4F Industrial Diesel Engine, a cornerstone of the Miller 800x’s strength. This isn’t your ordinary diesel engine – it’s one of the cleanest, greenest options on the market.

With its innovative diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technology, it ensures cleaner air with zero exhaust after-treatment maintenance.

Increased Efficiency

The Miller 800x doesn’t just offer more arcs, it also provides better fuel management. This potent combination results in increased returns for your business.

When compared, a dual operator unit delivers an estimated 34% savings versus two single operator units.

Increased Productivity & Safety

Boost your productivity with the Miller 800x’s ArcReach technology, reducing trips to the power source and enhancing safety by minimising trip, slip, and fall hazards.

Industrial USB Port

Providing effortless access to crucial diagnostics and machine statistics, the Miller 800x features an industrial USB port for rapid software updates and in-depth log file downloads.

Multi-Arc Welding

Harness the power of two independent arcs with the Miller 800x, each delivering up to 400 amps. With a single reliable engine, you can either use 800 amps for a single operator or expand your capabilities by adding extra inverter welders. This transforms the Miller 800x into a true multi-operator (3+ arc) work platform, offering versatility and efficiency like never before.

Other Standard Features

Enjoy the Miller 800x’s additional features like automatic idle, output contactor control, digital meters with SunVision™ technology, a 120-volt engine block heater, and thermal overload protection.

Miller 800x Applications

  • Maintenance and Repair Rigs
  • Mining Maintenance
  • Railroad Maintenance


Miller 800x Processes

  • Air Carbon Arc (CAC-A)
  • 1/2-inch (13 mm) carbons
  • Air Plasma Cutting and Gouging with optional Spectrum models
  • Compressed Air
  • Flux-Cored (FCAW)
  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Stick (SMAW)
  • Stud Welding — 1/2 inch (13 mm)
  • Submerged Arc (SAW)

Miller 800x FAQs

How long will a Miller 800x run?

Fuelled by a 25-gallon tank and powered by a Deutz engine, the running time of this exemplary machine is impressive. Efficiency is maximised without compromising on performance, allowing for extended operational periods that will undoubtedly enhance productivity levels on your worksite.

What engine is in a Miller 800x?

A robust and trustworthy Deutz engine powers the Miller 800x. Known for its exceptional reliability and remarkable horsepower of 65.7, the Deutz engine ensures optimum performance across diverse welding tasks, providing the strength and steady power supply your operations demand.

How many amps is a Miller 800x?

Boasting a robust amperage range, this model delivers between 20 A to 800 A. This broad spectrum supports a versatile array of welding applications, from fine, intricate work at lower amperages to heavy-duty operations at higher ranges. The dual output feature further allows simultaneous operation at 400 A per side.

How much does a Miller 800x weigh?

Even with its plethora of features and formidable power, the Miller 800x maintains a manageable weight of 2095 lbs. This thoughtful design doesn’t compromise on mobility, making it a suitable choice for various worksites that demand both strength and flexibility.

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