Lincoln Vantage 600x

MAKE: Lincoln

MODEL: Air Vantage 600x

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Unmatched Power and Precision for Welders

Discover the rugged Air Vantage 600x Plus – the epitome of on-site machinery. A powerful multifunction machine, it delivers up to 60 cfm of compressed air, 600 amps of IEC-rated welding output, and 20kW 415V / 240V 50Hz of auxiliary power.

Engineered to conquer any challenging job site, it excels in tasks ranging from precise pulse welding to intense carbon arc gouging. Now enhanced with CrossLinc® Technology, it offers welders superior arc control, boosting weld quality, safety, and productivity.

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Lincoln Vantage 600x Specifications

Rated Output (40°C): IEC Rating – 525A / 41V / 100% | Max Rating –600A / 40V / 60%

Output Range: CC-Stick: 30 – 600 Amps | Downhill Pipe (CC): 40 – 350 Amps | Touch Start® TIG: 20 – 350 Amps | CV-Wire: 10 – 45 Volts | Arc Gouging: 60 – 600 Amps

Open Circuit Voltage (OCV): 66 Max OCV @ 1800 RPM

AC Generator Auxiliary Power: Single Phase: 7.8 kW Continuous, 120V/240V @ 60 Hz | Three Phase: 20 kW Continuous, 240V @ 60 Hz

Auxillary Receptacles: NEMA 5-20R (120V / 20A / 1~) | NEMA 15-50R (240V / 50A / 3~) | IEC 60309 Yellow 2P+Ground (120V / 15A / 1~) | IEC 60309 Blue 2P+Ground (240V / 15A / 1~)

Dimensions in mm (HxWxL): Machine Only: 42.0 x 32.9(3) x 69.0 (1067 x 836 x 1753) | To Top of Air Intake: 58.1 (1476)

Weight: 1779 lbs (807 kg)

Engine: Deutz® TD2.9L4 Tier 3 Compliant, 65.7 HP (49 kW), Turbocharged, Water Cooled, Diesel Engine

Cylinder: 4

Operating Speed (RPM) @ 65.7 HP: High Idle: 1800 | Low Idle: 1525

Engine Capacities: Fuel: 25 US gal. (94.6 L) | Oil: 2.25 US gal. (8.5 L) | Cooling System: 2.5 US gal. (9.5L)

Air Compressor: VMAC® S700162, Belt-Driven, Rotary Screw

Delivery: High Idle, 60 cfm @ 100 psi (1.7 cmm @ 6.9 bar)

Maximum System Pressure: 150 psi (10.3 bar)

Compressor Protection: Safety Relief Valve: 200 psi (13.8 bar) | High Temperature Automatic Shutdown: 290 °F (143 °C)

Air Compressor Capacities: Compressor Oil: 1.1 gal (4.0L)

Lincoln Vantage 600x Features

High Output Multi-Process Welding

With the Lincoln Vantage 600X, you gain access to superior multi-process welding capabilities. It confidently delivers up to 600 amps of current, effortlessly handling a wide range of carbon arc gouging and welding tasks. Flexibility is at your fingertips with a choice of five basic process modes, ensuring optimal efficiency in every project.

Powerful Generator Output

Experience the power of the Lincoln Vantage 600X’s generator output. Capable of generating a continuous 3-phase power of up to 20 kW, it guarantees effortless operation of industrial tools such as pumps, inverter welders, and plasma cutters,

Integrated Air Compressor

The Lincoln Vantage 600X sets a new standard with its built-in air compressor. This machine delivers an impressive 60 cfm @ 100 psi of compressed air powered by VMAC®, enhancing both its functionality and convenience.

Patented Chopper® Technology

Step into the future of welding with the Lincoln Vantage 600X, featuring our patented Chopper® technology. It assures smooth material removal and superior arc performance with minimal spatter for stick or pipe welding.

Expanded Welding Capabilities

The Lincoln Vantage 600X stands out with its expanded welding capabilities. It features pulse welding capability, empowering you to work seamlessly with aluminium, stainless, and steel. Its advanced SAW and orbital pipe modes offer better arc control for out-of-position work, ensuring precision and quality. Additionally, it provides low heat input for critical welds, ensuring the integrity of your work.

CrossLinc® Enabled

Experience the power of efficiency with the Lincoln Vantage 600X, enabled by CrossLinc®. This advanced feature enables communication through a standard weld cable, allowing for voltage or current control directly at the arc. Eliminate the need for a control cable and reduce job site clutter while minimising unnecessary trips to the power source.

Reliable Operations

Trust the Lincoln Vantage 600X for its unwavering reliability. Meticulously engineered to withstand tough conditions, this equipment has been field-tested to prove its durability and ruggedness. It’s designed to face the most challenging job sites and endure the harshest environments.

Industrial Diesel Engine

Boasting a robust 65.7 hp, turbocharged Deutz® diesel engine, this powerful engine ensures quiet and smooth operations while fulfilling EPA Tier 3 compliance standards.

True Voltage Technology™

With built-in True Voltage Technology™, this equipment compensates for voltage drop to further improve operations, ensuring you get consistent and reliable power for your welding needs.

Lincoln Vantage 600x Applications

  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Pipeline
  • Power Generation
  • Shipbuilding
  • Structural


Lincoln Vantage 600x Processes

  • SMAW (Stick)
  • FCAW (Flux-Cored),
  • GMAW (MIG)
  • GMAW-P
  • (Pulsed MIG)
  • GTAW (TIG)
  • CAC-A (Arc Gouging)

Lincoln Vantage 600x FAQs

How long will a Lincoln Vantage 600x run?

Built for endurance, it operates smoothly for extended periods thanks to its fuel-efficient, turbocharged Deutz® diesel engine. The substantial 25 US gallon (94.6 L) fuel capacity ensures uninterrupted workflow, even on the most demanding job sites.

What engine is in a Lincoln Vantage 600x?

Equipped with a robust, turbocharged Deutz® TD2.9L4 diesel engine boasting 65.7 HP (49 kW). It’s Tier 3 compliant, water-cooled, and ensures smooth, quiet operations while fulfilling EPA standards.

How many amps is a Lincoln Vantage 600x?

It confidently delivers up to 600 amps of welding current, handling a wide array of welding tasks, from SMAW (Stick) to CAC-A (Arc Gouging), ensuring optimal efficiency in every project.

How much does a Lincoln Vantage 600x weigh?

The equipment weighs 1779 lbs (807 kg), balancing power and mobility. Its sturdy build is engineered to withstand tough conditions and survive the harshest environments, proving its reliability on demanding job sites.

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