Lincoln V350 Pro

MAKE: Lincoln Electric

MODEL: V350 Pro

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Efficient, lightweight and precise!

Say hello to the Lincoln Invertec v350 Pro, the solution to portable multi-process welding. The V350 Pro is the ideal choice for individuals who travel from job to job and need reliable welding equipment that’s lightweight, compact, and easy to use. For its size, the Invertec v350 pro offers an impressive range of functions. Namely, it offers DC TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG(1), Flux cored, and Arc gouging options.

While the Lincoln Invertec v350 Pro’s size and easy-to-use interface make it the perfect welder for on-the-go, it’s also the optimum welding machine for beginners to learn on. Its bright, large digital amp and voltage meters are perfect for allowing new welders to learn how to read and set the machine, and the dials are very simple to work.

Lincoln V350 Pro specifications

  • Primary Voltage (50-60Hz): 200/220/380/400/415/440V/3Ph
  • Current Range (A): 5-425
  • Rated Output: 350A/34V/60% – 3Ph, 300A/32V/100% – 3Ph, 320A/33V/60% – 1Ph,

    275A/31V/100% – 1Ph

  • Fuse Size (A) (slow): 63A
  • Weight (kg): 37.5
  • Dimensions HxWxD (mm): 373 x 317 x 706
  • Protection/Insulation Class: IP23 / S

Lincoln V350 Pro Features

The V350 Pro is the perfect welder for your home garage or on-the-go jobs. Not only is it easy to transport, but its range of functions makes it versatile for different jobs. Whether you’re working on cars or on larger metal projects, all you need to do is plug in and start welding. Here are some features of the Lincoln Electric V350 Pro:

Advanced Multi-Process Capabilities

The V350 Pro is designed to handle a range of different welding jobs. From stick welding to TIG or MIG welding, the V350 Pro offers you the flexibility to tackle different tasks without having to carry individual welding equipment all over the place.

User-friendly Controls

With a large digital amp and volt meters on the welder, you can accurately set and track the settings you’re using while welding, and if you need to change them, just turn the dial that corresponds with the welding mode you’re on, and you’re all set. In addition to easy-to-change settings, you can also adjust pre and post-flows to provide you with the setting you’re used to using on a regular basis.

Innovative Design

At a glance, the V350 Pro looks like it’s designed to take a beating. With sturdy roll bars (that can also function as handles) and skid plates, this machine is made to go to different job sites. It’s clear that this design was meant to protect the welder from impacts and other risks associated with working in hazardous environments.

Taking things a step further, the V350 Pros plug-in-and-play function is definitely a standout feature. As soon as you connect the wire feeder, the V350 Pro automatically recognizes it and adjusts its settings to match it. This completely eliminates the guessing game you play with settings and the time wasted doing so.

Lincoln V350 Pro Applications

  • Metal fabrication
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Weld training
  • Routine maintenance

Lincoln V350 Pro Processes

  • DC TIG
  • MIG
  • Pulsed MIG(1)
  • Flux cored
  • Arc gouging

Lincoln V350 Pro FAQs

Does the Lincoln V350 Pro offer remote control capability?

Yes, the V350 Pro does have a remote control. The CE model has full Amphenol connections and remote control from distances of up to 30m.

What is the Lincoln V350 Pros IP rating?

Yes! The Lincoln V350 Pro has an IP rating of IP23/S, which means that it is able to withstand extreme heat and heavy impacts from solid objects to a certain degree.

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