Lincoln LN7 Wire Feeder

MAKE: Lincoln


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A Wire Feeder With Next-Level Speed

Introducing a wire feeder with speed and consistency, you can depend on the LN-7! This is a semiautomatic wire feeder that delivers a constant speed that is compatible with a variety of Lincoln engine drives, both DC and CV power sources. This device is great to use regardless if you are in a shop or field environment.

This dynamic wire feeder delivers a fast and efficiently controlled wire feed speed. It can feed up to 1.6mm of solid and 2.0mm of flux-cored wires, with a wire feed speed from 1.9 -1 7.8 m per minute (75-700 inches).

ln7 Wire Feeder specifications

  • Input Power: 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz 2.5 Amps
  • Rated Output Current/Duty Cycle: 600 Amps @ 60%
  • Wire size range: Solid .023-3/32 (0.6-2.4), Cored.045-7/64 (1.2-2.8)
  • Dimensions: H277xW249xD244
  • Net weight: 10.9kg

ln7 Wire Feeder Features

It can be boom-mounted, or you can add an optional Universal Wire Reel Stand, casters, and/or swivel platform and mount it on the power source for extra versatility.

Optional time controls for pre-flow and post-flow gas, burn back, as well as a cold inch and gas purge control. An optional digital display is easy to read in bright sunlight or dark working conditions.

Tool-less Quick Release

This device uses a toolless quick-release wire drive tension system and gun cable connections for easy changes.

Unique and Durable Design

The Lincoln LN7 Wire Feeder is designed to endure some of the toughest jobs, so it’ll see you through the years of hard labour. Its rugged and durable design stands out in the industry, and it’s known for its longevity and trouble-free wire feeding. Its completely enclosed case provides optimum protection for the heavy-duty wire drive mechanism while also allowing easy access to the rolls.

Its unique drive roll design gives positive feeding, and reloading is a quick task; all you need to do is simply the wire into the guide tube for precise wire feeding.

Exceptional Safety Features

The Lincoln LN7 Wire Feeder’s control circuit has a “cold electrode” when the gun trigger is released to add that extra safety measure that you need on the job.

ln7 Wire Feeder Applications

  • Innershield welding applications

ln7 Wire Feeder Processes

  • MIG
  • Flux-Cored
  • Submerged Arc

ln7 Wire Feeder FAQs

How do I switch between different wire sizes on the LN-7?

Switching between wire sizes is simple. All you need to do is change the drive rolls to match the wire size you’d like to use and also adjust the tension so it suits the new size. Depending on how similar the wire size was to the last size you used, you may need to change the wire guide and liner as well so that they match.

Can the LN-7 wire feeder be used for aluminium welding?

Yes, you can weld aluminium with the LN-7, but you’ll most likely need a spool gun or push-pull gun to handle the softer aluminium wire correctly.

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