Lincoln Vantage 575

MAKE: Cummins

MODEL: B3.3 Diesel Engine

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Capable, reliable and rugged, what more could you want?

For jobs that require a quick turnaround or large, more complex operation, the Lincoln vantage 575 provides consistent, high-quality usage and has more than enough power to get the job done. Built with safety in mind, the Vantage 575 has a new battery isolator switch and an immediate engine stop button to shut down the machine in emergencies.

One of its best features is the 20KVA auxiliary power that allows you to power three inverters, giving you up to four stick electrode welding arcs. Fuel-generated welders can be thirsty, but with the Vantage 575, it has 46 horsepower and is liquid-cooled. The 4-cylinder engine has an automatic engine idler, which saves you fuel and reduces the noise.

Lincoln Vantage 575 specifications

  • 30 – 575 amps weld power
  • 4 cylinder 36kw (48 HP) @ 1500 RPM
  • Speed: 1590 RPM (High Idle), 1300 RPM (Low Idle), 1500 RPM (Full Load)
  • Displacement: 3.3L
  • Starting System: 12V DC battery & Starter
  • Fuel Capacity: 94.6L
  • Oil Capacity: 7.5L
  • Coolant Capacity: 11.8L
  • Welding Output @ 40°C: 450 Amps DC multi-purpose/38V (100%), 500 Amps DC multi-purpose/40V (60%)
  • Welder and Generator @ 40°C:
    • Welding Range: 30 – 575 Amps (CC/CV), 20 – 250 Amps (TIG)
    • Open Circuit Voltage: 60 Max OCV @ 1590 RPM
    • Auxiliary Power (50Hz): 1 x 3ph (415 Volts 20 Kva 32 Amps), 2 x 1ph (240 Volts 7.2 Kva 15 Amps)
  • Dimensions: 1067 x 800 x 1603
  • Weight: 737 kg

Lincoln Vantage 575 Features

The Lincoln Vantage 575 has several features that make it the perfect welder for any application. From arc welding to MIG or TIG welding, this machine can benefit individuals from the motor industry to construction. Here are some features of the Lincoln Vantage 575.

VRD Device

The Voltage Reduction Device is a safety feature put in the Vantage 575 to automatically reduce the open-circuit voltage to 12V for operator safety. This increases your safety when welding in areas that have a high risk of producing an electric shock.

Multi-process Capabilities

Having a welding machine that can process multiple functions is great for higher productivity levels. The Lincoln Vantage 575 excels in this aspect, offering its operators a few welding processes like Stick, TIG, MIG, and Flux-Cored welding. There is no need for tons of welding machines taking up your workspace; all you need is one, the Lincoln Vantage 575. All you need to do is simply switch between welding functions, set your welding requirements with the digital volt/amp meters depending on what welding you’re doing, and get started.

Impressive Generator Power

We’ve already been wowed by the Lincoln Vantage 575’s ability as a welding machine, but it also functions as a powerful generator. Capable of delivering up to 20kVA of auxiliary power, this powerhouse is designed to cater for demanding jobs that take you outside the workshop to remote sites with no power available.

With so much power to offer, the Vantage 575 becomes so much more than a great welding machine; it provides an outlet for other tools needed on site as well, expanding its own function to power your job site.

Lincoln Vantage 575 Applications

  • Welding operations in construction sites
  • Pipeline welding
  • Structural steel welding
  • Fabrication work
  • Maintenance and repair tasks
  • Rural and remote power generation
  • Mining site operations
  • Shipbuilding and offshore construction

Lincoln Vantage 575 Processes

  • Stick
  • TIG
  • MIG
  • Flux cored
  • Gouging
  • 20KVA auxiliary power

Lincoln Vantage 575 FAQs

How long will a Lincoln Vantage 575 run?

The Lincoln Vantage 575 has a large 94.6L fuel tank that’ll allow it to run for roughly 13 hours when you’re welding at 450A/40V/ 100% duty cycle output. The duration generally changes depending on how much power you’re drawing from the machine. When idle, the machine can last up to 31 hours.

What engine is in a Lincoln Vantage 575?

The Lincoln Vantage 575 has a 46 horsepower, liquid-cooled, 4-cylinder 36kw engine with a high idle of 1590 RPM and low idle of 1300 RPM.

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