Lincoln Air Vantage 500

MAKE: Lincoln

MODEL: Air Vantage 500

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Compact Powerhouse, Quiet Excellence

The Air Vantage 500 CE stands as an unrivalled powerhouse in the realms of construction, pipe, or rental fleet markets. This compact yet robust, engine-driven welder/generator is not just about power; it’s also about the tranquillity it brings with its remarkably quiet operation, thanks to the smooth-running 4-cylinder Perkins water-cooled diesel engine.

Whether you’re engaging in Stick welding with a wide range of electrodes, Lift TIG welding, CV welding with shielding gas or Innershield wires, or arc gouging up to 10 mm carbons, the Lincoln Air Vantage 500 delivers excellence and reliability at every turn.

Lincoln Air Vantage 500 Specifications

Output Range: Continuous Control 30-575 Amps CC/CV Range 15 – 250 Amps Touch Start™ TIG Range

Rated Output: 500A, 40V @ 100% 550A, 36V @ 60% 575A,35V @ 50%

Engine Model: Cummins ® B3.3 liquid cooled diesel engine 12V electric start

Cylinder: 4

HP and Speed: 56 @ 1800

Weight: 785 kg

Dimension(H x W x D): 1260 x 831 x 1603mm

Lincoln Air Vantage 500 Features

Rotary Screw Compressor

Experience unlimited power with the VMAC® rotary screw air compressor. With a remarkable rating of 60 CFM, 100 PSI, and 100% duty cycle, it effortlessly supports arc gouging up to 3/8 in. air and plasma cutting tools.

Multi-Process Welding and Separate Arc Gouge Mode

Choose from five versatile process modes, including CC-stick, downhill pipe, DC Touch Start TIG, CV-wire, and the newly introduced arc gouging mode. This feature optimises output with up to 3/8 in. carbon rods.

Abundant AC Generator Power

With 20 kW continuous 3-phase 240V AC generator power, operate industrial equipment like pumps, plasma cutters, grinders, and inverter welders with ease. Additionally, the 12 kW continuous 1-phase AC power caters to common construction tools and lights.

Robust Stainless Steel Enclosure

You have nothing to worry about with the Lincoln Air Vantage 500’s stainless steel enclosure. It ensures enhanced protection, longevity, and resistance to corrosion, negating the need for replacements due to rust or paint damage.

Reliable Engine

With the Lincoln Air Vantage 500, you get a 4-cylinder, 1800 RPM Kubota turbo-charged diesel engine that runs both smoothly and quietly. It’s an epitome of reliability, ensuring efficient operation each time.

Lincoln Air Vantage 500 Applications

  • Construction
  • Maintenance & Repair

*The Lincoln Air Vantage 500 is not recommended for pipe thawing.


Lincoln Air Vantage 500 Processes

  • Flux Cored (FCAW)
  • Gouging
  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Stick (SMAW)
  • TIG (GTAW)

Lincoln Air Vantage 500 FAQs

How long will a Lincoln Air Vantage 500 run?

Due to its robust Cummins B3.3 liquid-cooled diesel engine, you can expect a reliable and prolonged operation period. The exact running time will depend on the specific tasks performed, yet its efficiency is unmatched in the industry.

What engine is in a Lincoln Air Vantage 500?

Powering this compact powerhouse is a turbo-charged, 4-cylinder, 1800 RPM Kubota diesel engine. It’s renowned for delivering a smooth, quiet operation and is a symbol of reliability and efficiency.

How many amps is a Lincoln Air Vantage 500?

This welding marvel offers a continuous control output range from 30 to 575 Amps. It provides a rated output of 500A at 40V with a 100% duty cycle, 550A at 36V with a 60% duty cycle, and 575A at 35V with a 50% duty cycle.

How much does a Lincoln Air Vantage 500 weigh?

The Lincoln Air Vantage 500 is designed with mobility in mind, weighing in at 785 kg. Its compact size and reasonable weight make it easy to transport to different worksites, while also providing significant power and functionality.

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