• Make:Miller
  • Model:Pro Heat 35

Miller proheat 35 induction heating system for sale. water cooled and air cooled available.

Accessories stocked include probes, cable cover, thermacouple wire, recorders, coolant etc

Miller induction heater Rentals


Benefits of Induction Heating
Uniformity and Quality – Provides the highest degree of temperature control across the heat affected zone
Reduced Cycle Times – Significantly faster time-to-temperature than resistant methods
Cost Reduction – No fuel costs and minimal insulation costs; reusable insulation reduces disposal and replacement costs
Power Efficiency – Operates at 92% efficiency transferring more energy to the part, decreased heating times, improved power efficiency
Ease of Use – Simple set-up using preheat blankets or flexible heating cables; on-board diagnostics and operator tutoring system
Reliability – Induction heating system-components make cycle interruptions unlikely; simple cabling
Versatility – Pipe preheat and stress relief; weldolets, elbows, valves, I-beams, complex shapes
Safety – Fewer fumes; eliminates fuel gases; no exposure to flame, gases, or hot elements
Environmental – Less airborne particulate; improved work environment results in higher worker productivity

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