Miller Trailblazer 325

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Experience Unmatched Power and Portability

Revolutionise your welding practices with the Trailblazer 325 with ArcReach. Our advanced generator technology ensures smoother, more consistent arc, solidifying its position as a leading figure in the industry. Trailblazer’s proprietary technologies – Auto-Speed™ and the optional Excel™ power – redefine performance metrics. They guarantee increased fuel efficiency, superior runtimes, and heightened welder performance.

No other machine in the 300-amp class comes close to the Trailblazer 325. It delivers unparalleled welding power and auxiliary power, all while maintaining minimal noise and fuel efficiency. Profitable, efficient, and quiet, the Trailblazer 325 is designed to maximise productivity and profitability on any job site.

Miller Trailblazer 325 specifications

  • Title Trailblazer® 325 Diesel
  • Industries Interests Infrastructure
  • Pipeline
  • Maintenance and Repair – Field Operations
  • Amperage 20 A – 325 A
  • Rated Carbon Diameter 3/16 in (4.8 mm)
  • Current Type DC
  • Portability Lift Eye (Standard)
  • Running Gear / Cart (Optional)
  • Trailer (Optional)
  • Engine Brand Kubota
  • Engine Idle Speed 1800 RPM
  • Engine Weld Speed Auto-Speed™ technology: 1800, 2400, 2800, 3200 or 3600 RPM
  • Fuel Tank Size 12 gal.
  • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Horsepower 24.8 hp
  • Weld Output CC / CV
  • Rated Output 325 A at 33 V, 100% duty cycle
  • Single Phase Auxiliary Continuous Power 10500 W
  • Single Phase Auxiliary Peak Power 12000 W
  • Sound Rating Weld: 135 A load: 70 dB (94 Lwa), 325 A load: 81.5 dB (106.5 Lwa) / Auxiliary power: 81.5 dB (106.5 Lwa)
  • Applications Fabrication
  • Net Width 20 in
  • Net Height 28 in
  • Net Length 45.375 in
  • Net Weight 620 lbs
  • Warranty 3 Years
  • Miller’s True Blue Warranty

Miller Trailblazer 325 Features

Auto-Speed™ Technology

The Trailblazer 325 welder generator is equipped with Miller-exclusive Auto-Speed technology. It intelligently matches engine speed to load for efficient operation. Unlike competitive machines, it enhances productivity by automatically adjusting engine speed across four rpm levels based on weld requirements. This results in reduced fuel consumption, lower noise levels, and fewer exhaust emissions.

With Trailblazer, expect profitable, quieter job sites, less refuelling time, and lower operating costs.

Experience Peerless Arc Performance

With the Trailblazer 325, you’ll enjoy a wide amperage output and superior welding deposition rates. This means faster completion of jobs, leading to significant time and cost savings.

The precise arc control lets you customise the arc to your preferences, ensuring optimal weld quality and maximising productivity across various applications and welding processes. With the Trailblazer 325, a more productive, profitable, quieter job site is within your reach.

Excel™ Power (option)

Unlike competitive machines, the Trailblazer 325’s optional Excel™ Power, a Miller exclusive, delivers full power at all speeds, even idle. This generator power system ensures a robust 2,400 watts (20 A) of 120-volt inverter-based, pure sine wave power.

Operate jobsite tools like grinders at quieter, fuel-efficient speeds. The result? Reduced refuelling time and operating costs, increased productivity, profitability, and an improved jobsite environment with lower noise levels and exhaust emissions.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) (option)

Boost your productivity with the Trailblazer 325’s optional Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). This feature guarantees faster, more reliable starts in any weather, eliminating the need for choke adjustments.

EFI-equipped Trailblazer units provide up to 42% fuel efficiency compared to standard models, resulting in significantly reduced fuel consumption. This means less time spent refuelling and more time dedicated to welding, enhancing your productivity and profitability.

Cleaner and Stronger Auxiliary Power

Powered by a 25-horsepower engine, this Trailblazer welder generator provides up to 12,000 watts of clean, Accu-Rated™, truly usable auxiliary power. It’s tested to deliver uninterrupted peak output for a minimum of 30 seconds for heavy loads.

With an independent welder and auxiliary power system, this technology ensures no interaction between jobsite tools and the welding arc. Its advanced auxiliary power system effectively eliminates power fluctuations and imperfections, resulting in cleaner welds and uninterrupted tool operation, enhancing quality, productivity, and profitability.

Experience Ultra Adaptive Arc Control with ArcReach® Technology

Minimise downtime and enhance productivity with the Trailblazer 325’s ArcReach® Technology. Unlike conventional systems, ArcReach welding technology minimises the need for manual adjustments at the power source.

Instead, it uses existing weld cables to relay process adjustment commands directly to the engine-driven welder. This places amperage & voltage control conveniently at your fingertips, streamlining operations and boosting efficiency.

ArcReach Heater Compatibility

Be at the forefront of your field preheat and bakeout applications with ArcReach Heater Compatibility. This feature allows you to control temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315°C) using induction heating, enabling welders to perform preheating quickly and safely.

As part of the innovative ArcReach technology platform, the ArcReach Heater is an exclusive accessory available for select ArcReach welding power sources.

Convenience of Mobility and Space Efficiency

Trailblazer engine-driven welders offer the convenience of being 17% smaller and 10% lighter than their competitors. This allows for faster, easier movement, directly contributing to maximum productivity. Their compact design means less truck and jobsite space is taken up, permitting work trucks to carry additional equipment and gear.

Maximum Cost Savings

Every Miller Trailblazer engine-driven welder is designed for maximum cost savings. With fuel-saving Auto-Speed technology, less money spent on fuel translates into more profit for you. Opt for additional features like Excel power and Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) to further reduce your fuel costs. These advanced profit-enhancing features are exclusively available on a Trailblazer engine-driven welder, making it an investment that truly pays off.

3-Year Warranty

The Miller Trailblazer 325 welder/generator comes with a robust 3-year warranty covering both parts and labour, demonstrating our commitment to quality and reliability. For more detailed information, please refer to Miller’s True Blue warranty statement. Please note that the engine warranty is provided separately by the engine manufacturer.

Miller Trailblazer 325 Applications

  • Fabrication
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Structural steel work
  • Sheet metal
  • Pipe


Miller Trailblazer 325 Processes

  • Air Carbon Arc (CAC-A)
  • 3/16-inch (8 mm) Carbons
  • Flux-Cored (FCAW)
  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Pulsed MIG* (GMAW-P)
  • RMD*
  • Stick (SMAW)

*With optional ArcReach Smart Feeder

Miller Trailblazer 325 FAQs

How long will a Miller Trailblazer 325 run?

Equipped with a robust 12-gallon fuel tank and boasting top-notch fuel efficiency, particularly when employing features like Auto-Speed technology and Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), this welder can run for extended periods. The exact duration, however, will depend on the load and specific operations being performed.

What engine is in a Miller Trailblazer 325?

Packed with a powerful 24.8 horsepower Kubota engine, renowned for its reliability and durability, the unit ensures optimum performance. This engine guarantees the necessary power for a diverse range of welding applications, while maintaining superior fuel economy and low noise levels.

How many amps is a Miller Trailblazer 325?

This versatile welder offers a wide amperage range, extending from 20 amperes to a maximum of 325 amperes. This allows for a diverse range of applications, from light, precise tasks to heavy-duty welding operations.

How much does a Miller Trailblazer 325 weigh?

Despite its powerful performance and extensive feature set, this welder boasts a relatively compact and manageable weight of 620 lbs. This makes it a convenient and portable option for field operations, easily transported on the optional running gear or trailer.

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