Lincoln Maverick 450

MAKE: Lincoln

MODEL: Maverick 450

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Power, Efficiency, and Simplicity in One

Built for the construction site, the pipeline, and the rental fleet, the Dual Maverick® 450 is two complete welders in one. This best-in-class arc welding machine provides substantial power to multiple welding arcs, runs quietly, and promotes fuel savings with variable engine RPM and auto start/stop capabilities.

Operators can be easily set for two operators to weld at the same time, or for one operator to gouge with up to a 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) carbon. Additionally, the machine boasts an advanced user interface on two heavy-duty 4.3” weatherproof LCD screens. These easy setup screens host intuitive user functionalities to keep things simple.

Lincoln Maverick 450 Specifications

Output range (A)

  • Single Mode: 50-450 Stick/Gouge | 30-370 CV | 20-255 TIG
  • Dual Mode: 30-225 Stick | 30-230 CV | 20-225 TIG

Rated output

  • Single Mode At 40°C: 450A/26V/100% | 350A/34V/100%
  • Dual Mode At 40°C: 225A/26V/100% | 210A/28.4V/100%

Auxillary power: 14,000 W total

Engine Type: Perkins 403D-11 3 Cylinder Water-Cooled Diesel Engine

Horsepower: 26.4hp @ 3,000rpm (Low idle 1,200rpm)

Dimensions (mm): 936H x 718W x 1653L

Weight (kg): 524

Warranty: 3 Years

Lincoln Maverick 450 Features

Optimised Operations

Utilises a single engine to offer two welding arcs with up to 200 amps of output or choose single operator mode for one arc up to 450 amps of output to promote a more efficient welding environment. Save space and make transportation easier moving one machine instead of two!

Advanced User Interface

Features two 4.3″ weatherproof LCD screens with an intuitive interface to provide easy setup and increased functionality, and automatically notifies operators of upcoming maintenance needs to help keep the machine running at peak performance.

Quiet Operation

Designed to run at lower noise levels to allow for vital directions or control-related communication near the welding machine to help promote a safer and more ideal welding environment by reducing worksite noise.

Industrial Diesel Engine

Powered by a 26.4 hp, naturally aspirated Perkins® diesel engine for smooth and quiet operation.

Lincoln Maverick 450 Applications

  • Construction
  • Pipeline
  • Maintenance and Repair


Lincoln Maverick 450 Processes

  • Stick
  • TIG
  • MIG
  • Flux-Cored
  • Arc Gouging

Lincoln Maverick 450 FAQs

How long will a Lincoln Maverick 450 run?

Equipped with a robust, naturally aspirated Perkins® diesel engine, this stellar machine operates smoothly and quietly for extended periods. Thanks to its fuel-efficient design, you can anticipate long runtime and productivity without frequent refuelling.

What engine is in a Lincoln Maverick 450?

Powering the Maverick 450 is a 26.4 hp, Perkins 403D-11, 3-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine. Renowned for its smooth operation and low noise emission, this engine ensures top-notch, efficient performance.

How many amps is a Lincoln Maverick 450?

In single mode, this welding machine offers 50-450 Stick/Gouge, 30-370 CV, and 20-255 TIG output range. Switch to dual mode, and you get 30-225 Stick, 30-230 CV, and 20-225 TIG, demonstrating its impressive adaptability.

How much does a Lincoln Maverick 450 weigh?

The Maverick 450 has a manageable weight of 524 kg. Despite its formidable power, its relatively lightweight and compact dimensions facilitate easier transport and space efficiency, making it a convenient choice for various job sites.

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