• Model:LG 83

Lifeguard 83

The LIFEGUARD 83 is the master switchboard for the distribution of power supplies used throughout major construction projects. Our LG 83 options include large customised units for use with 500 kva generators using 630 to 800 amp incommers and various distribution options to other LG 83 switchboards. Our boards include include earth leakage protection on the main 4 pole isolation switches as well as sub distribution. 
The LIFEGUARD 83 provides master isolation, sub circuit protection including sub-board distribution (typically LG16, LG17 and LG7 units), site hut reticulation (LG15.06) and provision for lighting. The LIFEGUARD 83 is fitted with RCD’s to provide protection against electrocution for staff using electrical equipment in the near vicinity of the switchboard.
The LIFEGUARD 83 is fully adaptable to include a MCCB main switch up to 1000amp +, wall mounting straps, in ground mounts, power lock connectors as well as provision for metering, crane connections and alimacs. The LIFEGUARD 83 is available in a variety of different current ranges and configurations.

INPUT POWER: Up to 225A/1000A, 415VAC 50Hz
GEAR TRAY: GPR (Glass reinforced plastic)
TERMINALS: 4 pole, 30mA, 230 – 415VAC
DOOR: Lockable
MOUNTING: Galvanised steel tube with wheels
WEIGHT: 75kg


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