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The LIFEGUARD 17 range of temporary reticulation units are designed to reduce your site establishment costs, provide a

safer environment for your staff and simplify changes as your site expands.

The Lifeguard 17 comes with one Lifeguard 16 feed so it’s a perfect choice for medium to large construction sites.

The Lifeguard 17 is manufactured from high impact polyethylene which is resistant to corrosion and especially suitable for use on rugged construction sites.

SUPPLY INPUT POWER:63A, 3 phase + N + E, 415VAC IEC
RCD:Multiple RCD’s
SOCKET OUTLETS:12 x 10/15A single phase, 2P + E, 230VAC 3 x 32A three phase 3P + N + E, 415VAC 1 x LG16 Take-off IEC 1 x 16A single phase, 2P + E IEC
INTERCONNECTION:63A, 3 phase + N + E, 415VAC, CEE17, IEC309
MATERIALS:Polyethylene enclosure

Expansion and Flexibility

The LIFEGUARD 17 system has the ability to interconnect in many ways to reticulate power throughout multi-storey and large single level construction areas.

Interconnection earth screened safety cables are rated at 63 amps and are of a watertight design.

It is also available with supply input power ratings of up to 125amps, and additional socket outlets to suit customer requirements.

It may be made to your specific requirements.  Socket outlets may be varied in combination from above specifications.  When used by the film industry they can be fitted with specialist outlets and current monitoring facilities. Can also be fitted with a hardwired chamber as per some site requirements

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