• Make:LaserMet
  • Model:ALF Interlocking Helmet

Passive Alf – the Laser Safety Welding
Helmet for Hand Held Laser Welders

  • Designed specifically to protect the
    eyes and face of the welder and to
    protect co-workers from stray laser
    radiation outside the enclosure
  • Ensures user wears helmet with
    closed visor and closed enclosure
    door before firing laser
  • Filter in visor reduces light
    transmission to safe levels
  • Safety Interlock Controlled
  • Laser enabled only when helmet is
    worn and the visor is down
  • Door interlock switch must also be

Passive Alf is the name attributed to the latest safety helmet
designed specifically for hand held laser welding applications
Although it looks similar to conventional designs, the passive laser
welding helmet has inbuilt laser wavelength filtering to prevent the user
absorbing high amounts of laser radiation emanating from the laser
welding operation.
User safety is paramount and using this helmet will reduce the amount
of laser energy transmitted to a safe level in the event that there is either
direct hit or a high level of reflection from the laser welding process.
The helmet has internal micro-switches that must be closed for the
laser to be enabled. These dual channel switches are closed by the user
simply wearing the helmet and closing down the visor. If the visor is
opened or if the helmet is removed, the laser is immediately disabled. In
addition the interlocked enclosure door must also be closed to enable
the laser.

Passive Alf Laser Welding Helmet:
Certifications and Specifications
The Passive Alf Helmet conforms to the following standards:

  • EN 166: Personal eye-protection — Specifications
  • EN 169: Personal eye-protection — Filters for welding and
    related techniques – Transmittance requirements and
    recommended use
  • EN 175: Personal protection. Equipment for eye and face
    protection during welding and allied processes
  • EN 207: Personal eye-protection equipment — Filters
    and eye-protectors against laser radiation (laser eyeprotectors)
    EN207:2017 markings
    Wavelength: 915-1180 nm
    Ratings: D LB6, IR LB7
    Weight of Alf Helmet: 1 kg

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