Himoinsa EHR 45/60

MAKE: Himoinsa

MODEL: EHR 45/60

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Meet carbon emissions targets, without sacrificing performance

EHR is an energy storage and distribution system, which can operate independently, guaranteeing zero noise and emissions. While also being able to integrate with power generation systems using diesel or gas generators. As well as connecting to the grid or photovoltaic modules. The himoinsa EHR 45/60 is built robust and durable making it ideal for construction or industrial applications where green energy targets are a consideration, without sacrificing on performance or reliability.

Very easy to use, offering plug & play set-up, high connectivity and in-built remote monitoring interface.

Weight/ Dimensions

  • Length 1620 mm
  • Width 1050 mm
  • Height 1920 mm
  • Dry weight 1350 kg


  • Zero noise, Zero Emissions
  • Prime Power Rating 60 kVA
  • Max outlet hybrid system 15kVA, 30kVA, 45kVA
  • Storage Capacity 56.8
  • Voltage VAC 400V/3p+N
  • Recharge Time 2.4hr
  • Maintenance recharge 14.9hr
  • Lifespan (90% DoD) 6000 cycles

Included Components

  • Batteries
  • Inverter
  • Connection
  • Integration with Photovoltaic
  • Control Unit (HICore Himoinsa System)

HICore Himoinsa System
Smart Management System

Units come pre-loaded with the HICore digital interface, allowing you to manage and optimise power sources remotely or locally. Selecting the most favourable power source for specific load conditions at any given time.
Integrates with:

  • Diesel and Gas Generator Sets
  • Public electricity grids
  • Renewable energy sources

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