DenaliWeld Laser Welding Cobot



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DenaliWeld COBOT Welding

DenaliWeld collaborative robots (cobots) have entered the marketplace strongly, and they offer lightweight, flexible, and intelligent designs at an affordable investment. Best-in-class speed, safety, and ease of use will take your business to the next level. Staff can quickly teach collaborative robots specific welding applications and have them do the actual welding, while operators can focus on different activities. Allowing for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Denaliweld GoFa 5 COBOT Specifications

  • Reach: 950 (wrist) 1050 (flange)
  • Payload:  5kg
  • Arm Load:  1 (mounted on axis 4)
  • Number of axes:  6
  • Protection:  IP54
  • Mounting:  Any angle, including table mounting, wall mounting, and ceiling mounting
  • Controller:  OmniCore C30
  • Customer Power Supply:  24V/2A supply
  • Customer Signals:  4 Signals (for IO, Fieldbus or Ethernet)
  • Tool Flange: Standard IOS 9409-1-50
  • Functional safety:  SafeMode Collaborative included all safety functions certified to Category 3, PL d
  • Max TCP Velocity:  2.2m/s
  • Max TCP Acceleration: 36.9m/s
  • Pose Repeatability: 0.02mm
  • Dimensions (robot base):  163nn x 165mm
  • Weight: 28kg

Denaliweld Laser Welding Cobot Features

ABB strategic COBOT

DENALIWELL and ABB conduct joint testing in the field of welding Cobots to ensure maximum performance and functionality to meet user needs, and offer a variety of ABB Cobot model choices
**DENALIWELD welding machines can compatible with most cobots in the market.

Easily switches between manual and automated welding

DenaliWeld collaborative robotic welding solutions utilize handheld welding torches. The laser welding machine is equipped with a manual/automatic switching button to quickly switch between handheld and automatic welding.

Simple and easy to use

Designed for easy and fast integration and setup, regardless of the robotic welding application.

Denaliweld Laser Welding Cobot applications

  • Cabinets
  • Railings
  • Stairs
  • Shelves
  • Ovens
  • Distribution boxes
  • Stainless steel furniture

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