Who repairs generators?

who repairs generators

Industrial generators are an integral component of many projects, acting as a reliable power source for fabrication and maintenance works across a wide range of trans-Tasman industries. Before committing to generator hire or purchase, considering ongoing maintenance requirements will help ensure you’re acquiring a machine that works for your job scope and budget. While industrial generators are the workhorses on-site, they too require upkeep, so it’s important to understand exactly who repairs these generators.

Who repairs generators?

Maintenance of industrial generators is vital to ensure they run smoothly and continue to be the reliable power sources you require on-site. There are many different requirements when completing scheduled maintenance including removing worn parts, undertaking component upgrades, checking fluid levels, air filters and fuel filters, load bank testing and ensuring control panel instruments and indicators are operating. Staying on top of these maintenance needs guarantees that industrial generators stay in optimal condition, ensuring the machine will run for years. 

Renteca are leaders in the supply of industrial generators for a wide array of major companies across the trans-Tasman. Our equipment has facilitated projects including the construction of Ichthys LNG onshore facility and the Victoria Metro Tunnel expansion and has played a role in the maintenance of countless pipelines, mine sites and power stations. 

Renteca repairs power generators as a part of our generator hire service. In addition, we also offer site support for rental products which guarantees peace-of-mind and improved project continuity resulting in ideal timing and budget outcomes. We can also supply labour resources to any location within Australia if your project requires on-site electrical personnel or commissioning support. 

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Renteca’s equipment technicians undergo frequent training to ensure they are educated in the latest OEM servicing knowledge for manufacturing giants including Caterpillar, Imnesol, Keypower and Cigweld. Not only does this guarantee a highly skilled service support team, it also ensures continued compliance of all equipment in accordance with stringent OEM guidelines.

By undertaking regular servicing at all Renteca branches including Brisbane and Townsville in Queensland and Perth and Karratha in Western Australia, we are able to activate a premium level of ongoing support, providing unmatched reliability industry-wide. 

Renteca is renowned as the industry leader in supplying performance-ready certified industrial generators and welding equipment to the mining and resources, defence, agricultural and construction industries in Australia and abroad. To learn more about generator hire solutions or Renteca’s other capabilities, click here. < https://renteca.com.au/product-categories/rental-equipment/