What is the best welder brand?

What is the best welder brand?

What is the best welder brand?

Well, when it comes to buying a welder, there are many options to choose from.

From MIG to TIG, multi-process welders, stick welders and more, the machine you choose will depend on the application you intend to use it for.

One thing is critical to remember when making your selection for a new machine, and that’s choosing a reputable brand.

At Renteca, we specialise in supplying industrial welders for sale and hire, as well as welding equipment hire with machinery such as wire feeders, rod ovens, plasma cutters, weld automation and much more.

For the past two decades Renteca has been supplying client partners within the heavy industries with the very best welding gear on the market, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two when it comes to welders.

If you’re looking for the best welder on the market, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we take a brief look at a few different welders and which applications they work best for while also answering the question, “what is the best welder brand?”.

All about welders

TIG welders

The most precise welding process among an endless array of applications, TIG welding is renowned for being a tidy process which doesn’t induce splatter or slag. A great option for precise finishes, TIG welding is usually undertaken by more advanced welders across industries such as construction, automotive, transport, aerospace and maintenance. Due to the nature of their application and abilities, TIG welders can be more expensive than MIG or stick welders.

Renteca has a range of TIG welders available for hire and for purchase including new and used machines. Consider your preference and browse the range here.

Multi-process welders

The name ‘multi-process’ sums up this welder’s ability overall – they enable the application of more than one welding technique within a single machine. Potentially a great option for operators who need versatility in their machinery, multi-process welders can support MIG, TIG and stick welding within the same unit and often possess a range of additional benefits. A major time-saver when it comes to set up, multi-process welders make it easy to tackle a variety of fabrication projects in various locations without needing to switch power sources.

Renteca stocks a wide range of multi-process welders. Take a look at the new Lincoln Electric Flextec machines for sale ranging from 350X to 650X here.

MIG welders

MIG welders are the most common machines and that’s due to their ability across more generalised projects such as maintenance, repairs and other small-scale jobs. One of numerous welding processes which uses electricity to fuse metal, MIG welding is efficient and creates quality welds for even the most inexperienced operator. MIG welding also requires significantly less training for new welders, with many being able to pick up the technique within as little as a few hours. Favoured for its cleanliness and versatility in joining a range of different metals, MIG welders rival the rest when it comes to productivity.

With Australia’s largest stock of welders, Renteca is sure to have a MIG welder to suit your needs. Backed by two decades of experience supplying welders and welding equipment to clients in mining and resources, construction, transport, defence and more, our MIG welders are up to the job.

Stick welders

Stick welding is also commonly referred to as arc welding and is the oldest, arguably the simplest and the most cost-efficient type of welding. A process invented in the late 1880s, stick welding is predominantly utilised among novice welders and hobbyists due to its versatility and simplicity.

No matter what type of welder you require, Renteca can deliver equipment solutions suited to your needs. Search for the welder best suited to your project here.

So, what is the best welder brand?

Research shows that Lincoln Electric and Miller Welds are among the top five best brands on the market. At Renteca, we predominantly stock Lincoln Electric and Miller Welds machines and have for almost 20 years. Stocking the latest technology which is serviced by OEM-trained technicians, you’re in safe hands when supplied by Renteca.

What is the best welder brand?

Leaders in supplying a range of welders and welding equipment for the past two decades, Renteca has a nation-wide footprint enabling the streamlined distribution of equipment within Australia and abroad.

To learn more about our wide selection of industrial welders for sale and to explore our welding equipment hire solutions, submit an enquiry here or give the team a call on 07 3375 4146.