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What fuel do generators use?

what fuel do generators use

Generators can be powered by a range of fuels including petrol, ethanol, diesel, propane and natural gas. The fuel that is used is dependent on different factors including the machines specifications, however most industrial generators tend to use natural gas or diesel fuel. 

Renteca’s industrial-sized generators typically use diesel. 

Utilising an industrial generator which runs off diesel presents many advantages including faultless reliability coupled with high efficiency; the ability to endure extremely harsh conditions; low maintenance requirements due to less moving parts such as spark plugs; and versatility in a range of different scenarios. In fact, diesel generators are so tough they are even used in massive ship carriers as an energy source including for propulsion.

Renteca generators are powering up the mining industry

A diesel power generator can be a vital piece of equipment when working in remote areas, industrial plants, mine sites, construction projects, or places without access to reliable electricity. 

Renteca has extensive experience supplying power generators and associated electrical equipment such as switchboards to facilitate major mine site shutdowns across Australia and abroad. 

Lihir Gold Mine is one of the largest resources projects in Papua New Guinea, producing a massive one million ounces of gold annually. Such a major operation requires periodic overhauls to undertake scheduled maintenance of processing equipment to ensure optimal safety, reliability, and project productivity.

Renteca’s reliable fleet of Inmesol and Caterpillar generators are mobilised to supplement the site’s existing heavy machinery fleet to allow for streamlined bi-annual shutdowns.

In total, up to 40 industrial generators are supplied to this location at a time, which range in size from 60kVA to 500kVA. These are comprehensive power solutions which are utilised across the site during total plant shutdown. 

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Buying versus renting

Renting an industrial generator presents many advantages, including: 

  • Lower upfront costs
  • No maintenance required, resulting in minimal downtime
  • Immediate availability 
  • Flexibility with size and specification requirements 
  • Versatility with configuration and package options
  • No installation costs 
  • Freedom to utilise across any duration 

In some cases, it might be worthwhile to purchase your own industrial generator. Some of the benefits of buying include:

  • Ownership over the asset, sometimes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Long-term potential savings when compared with rental costs of the same duration
  • Maintenance options including those from your own team or by a chosen repairer
  • The freedom to modify machine configurations 
  • Control over power availability
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Why choose diesel generators

With the overall cost of generator hire an important consideration, fuel choice is usually a hot topic. When it comes to hiring an industrial generator that is both cost effective and energy efficient, diesel-powered units score well which is why you may notice a higher price point for these machines.

Diesel’s unrivalled efficiency is thanks so its ability to generate higher cylinder pressure which creates increased temperatures and improved thermal efficiency, and therefore, optimal mechanical energy. With the exclusion of spark plugs and reduction of wiring, diesel generators require less servicing and will last substantially longer than their natural gas-powered counterparts. 

This also means that diesel industrial generators guarantee a steady power supply and offer substantially improved safety thanks to the fuel being significantly less flammable coupled with the reduction of fire-causing components. 

At Renteca, we invest in contemporary technology to ensure generators supplied for hire are modern and advanced. This means that along with getting robust reliability, you’ll also have a machine that is quiet, easy-to-operate and convenient. 

Renteca has been supplying industrial generators to a diverse range of sectors across the trans-Tasman for many years. Our team is renowned for providing the latest in power generation technology which is maintained to the highest standard in the industry and according to stringent OEM specifications. Partners with leading manufacturers including Caterpillar and Inmesol, Renteca has the experience to deliver generator hire packages that are performance-ready certified and will bolster your project with optimal efficiency. 

If you’re still wondering, “what fuel do generators use?”, or if you’re ready to secure a generator for rent, learn more about our entire rental fleet here.