renteca welding automation

From welding automation to stud welding, Renteca has a performance-ready solution

Servicing some of the biggest names in trans-Tasman heavy industries since 2003, Renteca proudly stocks Australia’s largest supply of welders and welding equipment. 

Boasting strong partnerships with brands such as Lincoln Electric and Miller, it is with an innovative approach to welding technology that Renteca constantly invests into their equipment and their team to ensure they can supply state-of-the-art solutions which add value to each and every client project.

Whether you need engine-driven welders and weld automation solutions for large-scale hire jobs or stud welding equipment for your hobbyist workshop, Renteca has a wide catalogue of equipment available.

The importance of keeping up with welding technology

Maintaining optimal productivity is a major factor for budget and deadline constraints for any job, whether you’re in the market to purchase or hire your next lot of welding gear.

With technology constantly evolving, there is always a way to reduce costs, improve quality and finish projects faster with the right machinery on hand. 

So, what are the advantages of regularly utilising the latest welding technology? 

There are many benefits that can be realised by converting from traditional welding techniques and processes to more advanced solutions such as welding automation. 

Increased productivity, reduced waste and decreases in failures and reworks are a few major pluses. 

Understanding the potential productivity gains offered by advanced welding processes and new procedures can help an organisation to ensure that jobs are completed on time and on budget. This applies to the welding industry overall, whether you’re working with welding automation, MIG or TIG welders, stud welders, submerged arc welders and more.   

At Renteca, we recognise that technological advancements have advanced welding processes which will likely continue into the future.  

By investing in new welding equipment regularly and keeping our technicians ahead of evolving processes and technologies, we are working for our clients to address critical industry challenges which, in turn, assists them to be more competitive.

Renteca’s welding solutions in action

Client: Monadelphous 

Duration: Six months 

Project: Construction of two large steel acid tanks

Equipment supply: Power generators, welding systems and welding automation equipment 

BHP’s Olympic Dam in South Australia is an underground mine producing some of the world’s most significant deposits of copper, gold, silver and uranium. On site, the processing plant features a fully integrated metallurgical complex, comprising grinding and concentrating circuits, a hydrometallurgical plant, copper smelter and refinery, and a recovery circuit for precious metals. 

Renteca engineered a fully customised package for Monadelphous which comprised performance-ready certified equipment including power generators for electricity distribution, comprehensive welding equipment packages including units for multi-process and submerged arc projects, plus welding automation products such as oscillating travel carriages and AGW automatic tank welding machines. Renteca also provided supplementary products including hanging cages for vertical welding and floor tractors for optimal submerged arc welding efficiency. 

Renteca’s team of OEM-train technicians further supported the project by regularly attending the site to service and monitor all equipment which enabled a streamlined continuation plan.
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What we offer

Welding equipment available for hire:  

  • Welding automation and welding equipment including stud welders
  • Diesel welders  
  • Rotating and positioning equipment 
  • Induction heat treatment instruments and more

Welding equipment available for purchase: 

  • Welders and welding products including engine-driven welders, submerged arc welders, TIG welders, stud welders, multi-process welders, wire feeders and weld automation products 
  • Induction heaters and more 

Welding services available include: 

  • Installation 
  • Equipment repair 
  • Warranty repair and maintenance 
  • Turnkey equipment packages and project management

The Renteca difference

Renteca’s prides itself on supplying a fleet that is constantly updated with modern and innovative technologies. Offering robust machinery which is built for extreme conditions, you can benefit from state-of-the-art capabilities including remote monitoring, GPS tracking and optimal fuel efficiency.  

With Australia’s largest supply of welders and welding equipment, Renteca supports clients across a range of industries, deploying equipment from each of their five branches across the country.

Whether you need to purchase or hire your welding equipment, partnering with Renteca means you’re guaranteed to receive premium equipment and service support which will work to add value to your bottom line. 

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