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Renteca prioritises operator protection with innovative welding safety equipment

It goes without saying that safety is a core commitment for industries across Australia from mining to construction and more. And while heavy machinery on your next job should certainly be properly maintained and compliant, there’s more that goes into industrial safety than these factors alone. 

At Renteca, it is integrated into our broader business model to regularly advance our fleet with the most modern equipment technologies currently on the market. 

Backed by a team of skilled technicians who are OEM-trained in Renteca’s state-of-the-art workshops, and it’s safe to say that Renteca takes a comprehensive approach to industrial safety including arc welding safety and more. 

Here, we take a look at key welding safety equipment which is included on welders within our fleet so you can better understand its importance when it comes to your project’s overall productivity and bottom line. 

Advancements in welding safety equipment

A technology which was invented in 1888, arc welding safety and general welding safety technology has certainly evolved over the years. 

Industry-leading manufacturers like Lincoln Electric (established in 1895) have responded with advanced welding processes over time which now allows advantages such as the welding of newer and coated materials.

With advancements in welding comes progressions in welding safety equipment including arc welding safety. A plus for industrial safety overall, features of the modern welder now include components such as battery isolator switches for safer maintenance procedures and engine stop buttons for the fast shutdown of a machine during the event of an emergency. 

Safety features of the engine-driven welder: Lincoln Vantage 580

  • Arc welding safety control adjustment
  • Allows for touch-Start DC TIG welding for easy arc starting 
  • Perkins® 404D-22T Turbo diesel engine for more efficiency and less engine noise
  • VRD Device for built-in voltage reduction offering additional protection for the operator. The VRD operates in the CC mode reducing the OCV to a safer <20 volts which increases operator safety when welding is performed in environments with enhanced chances of electric shock.
  • Stainless steel enclosure including steel roof, side panels and engine access door for extra protection 
  • Output at welding terminals are controlled by an electronic contactor which can be switched to “weld terminals on” or to “remotely controlled”, removing operator contact where needed
  • Engine protection system includes automatic shutdown for low oil pressure, high engine temperature or low engine alternator voltage

Safety features of the MIG welder: Miller XMT350

  • ArcReach technology uses the existing weld cable to communicate welding control information between the feeder and power source, eliminating the need for control cords and additional hazards
  • ArcReach also allows for more arc-on time resulting in reduced exposure to workplace hazards for operators as less time is spent returning to the welding power supply to set process and arc voltage
  • ArcReach also impacts less operator fatigue by not needing to move or reposition both heavy secondary weld leads bundled with control cords on the jobsite as control cables are not used.
  • Infinite arc control reduced hazards when welding challenging materials or in space-poor locations 
  • Fan-On-DemandTM cooling system operates only when needed which improved efficiency while also reducing noise
  • Lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminium case offers protection with the benefit of reduced weight 
  • Advanced arc control enables an improved pulse welding arc by providing a more robust and stable arc at very low arc length. This also reduces heat input which has added safety benefits for the operator 
  • LED process indicator selections are illuminated which enables the selected weld process to be seen at a distance from the power source providing extra safety benefits for those on site

In addition to utilising modern welding technology, it is imperative to overall industrial safety to have the support of a knowledgeable and highly skilled technical team who can fortify your equipment plan to make the most of overall project productivity. Click here to read about some of the solutions Renteca has engineered for clients in the past.

Innovative Welding Safety Equipment

Renteca has 20 years’ experience in supplying premium welders to a wide range of industries and has extensive knowledge in welding safety and equipment solutions. To find the right heavy machinery for your next job, submit an enquiry here or call on 07 3375 4146 to chat to the team.