Is Renting A Generator Better Than Buying One?

Where to start when you need a generator

A reliable and constant power supply is a necessity for any business, and losing hours, or even days of work is not an option for most companies. With a back-up generator you can quickly return to work. Sizes range from small-office or home 22kva generators, and go up to 500kva machines suitable for large commercial or industrial sites. Once you have decided that you need a generator, for example if your business runs time-sensitive operations then the only question to answer is whether to buy or to rent a generator.

Upfront costs or long-term budgeting

The biggest deterrent to buying a generator outright is the upfront cost. A generator, especially larger models are a significant investment. Long term rental costs can be exceptionally affordable, so renting a generator can be a great way to ensure you always have a back-up power supply. By choosing to rent a generator, a company can spread their monthly costs to better manage cash flow.

Constant or infrequent generator requirements?

How frequently you need a generator is one of the main factors in deciding whether to rent or buy. A generator for rent can be an excellent option for when you are expecting a short-term sustained power outage, as you can have the generator set up in advance and ready to go. You may only need a generator for a single, short term job in which case buying a generator is not cost-effective. However, if you experience frequent, unpredictable power outages then owning a generator can be more efficient as being able to immediately turn on the generator reduces downtime.

Taking ownership of the upkeep of a generator

By choosing to rent, generator upkeep is something you don’t have to worry about. A generator for rent is kept in top condition, ready to go when you need it. While unlikely, if you are renting a generator that suddenly stops, you can quickly get a replacement and get back to work without having to worry about replacement parts or costly repairs. This again can mean less downtime for your operations.

Try before buying with Renteca

When you are ready to rent, generator options with Renteca include models from leading manufacturers such as Caterpillar and Inmesol. You may want to rent a generator to have on-site for a couple of weeks to see how it can benefit your business. If you then decide it would be better to own a generator, we can help you choose the right model to purchase. When it comes to choosing a generator, the best thing to do is contact us with your requirements and we can help you choose a generator for rent that fits your needs.