mining equipment sales and service

Renteca leads the way in mining equipment sales and service

Industry leaders in supplying equipment to the mining and resources industry for the last two decades, Renteca has evolved from a welder supplier only to experts in fully engineered project solutions spanning welders, welding equipment, power generators, Turnkey Tooling, service support, equipment export plus much more. 

Backed by a team with over 100 years industry experience, Renteca recognises that comprehensive project solutions need to be reinforced jointly with performance-ready certified equipment and a high level of expertise which ensures projects are productive and most importantly, safe. 

This inclusive approach to mining equipment sales and service supply means Renteca can now offer complete equipment solutions which boast unrivalled benefits via premium products and a high level of mining safety support. 

Renteca’s innovative Turnkey Tooling solutions are tailored to specific commercial requirements and are a prime example of the streamlined mining equipment and service supply on offer. 

Here, we learn more about Renteca’s latest comprehensive solutions offering, Turnkey Tooling

Turnkey Tooling fuses premium equipment and service support for the best in mining safety

With overhauls, outages and shutdowns requiring high levels of logistics and incurring soaring costs, it’s imperative to prioritise productivity and conserve budgets. 

Issues which are often overlooked due to tight deadlines and supplier inflexibility, Renteca has formulated innovative Turnkey Tooling solutions designed to reverse the pitfalls of inconsistently-maintained sites. 

Backed by premium product leadership and streamlined engineering support, Renteca delivers a semi-permanent supply of industry-leading tools, machinery and mining safety equipment, plus ongoing product guidance and maintenance support within fully customisable packages designed to suit any commercial model.  

The pinnacle of mining equipment sales and service supply, this concept is delivered by heavy industries experts with extensive experience in project management and engineering support. 

Add to that a sweeping national footprint, and Renteca guarantees dynamic planning and fast delivery which solidifies their position as leading suppliers within the mining, resources and construction industries.

Renteca’s Turnkey Tooling fast facts:  

  • Budget friendly: Reduces stock loss by 98% 
  • Optimal efficiency: Tool utilisation above 85% 
  • Reduces chargebacks: Achievable damage charges of $0 
  • Nimble management software: Transaction times less than 48 seconds 
  • Comprehensive packages customised to streamline logistics and expenses 
  • Performance-ready certified premium equipment supply  
  • Ongoing support and on-site maintenance by experienced heavy industries experts 
  • Inclusion of fully-integrated management software, ToolHound
  • Flexible leasing models  
  • Internally engineered solutions – no outsourcing or cross-renting  

Gear from brands including Milwaukee, MSA Safety Equipment and more for the best in mining safety

Utilising premium gear from leading industry brands is a major factor when it comes to productivity and efficiency on site. 

Some of the brands you’ll have access to as a part of Renteca’s Turnkey Tooling packages include:

  • Metabo and Milwaukee power tools  
  • Fluke electronic test tools  
  • Air manifolds and hoses  
  • Rigging equipment  
  • Enerpac hydraulic tools  
  • Torquing equipment  
  • Ingersoll Rand pneumatic tools 
  • Miller Electric industrial welders and welding equipment  
  • Lincoln Electric industrial welders and welding equipment 
  • Battery welders and plasma cutting systems  
  • Lifeguard Power Distribution Systems 
  • 3M Speedglas Air Fed Helmets, also available as automatic welding lens helmets or face shields 
  • MSA Safety equipment including harnesses, respirators, eye, head and hearing protection, gas and flame detection, and more. 

Safety and efficiency is a major factor at Renteca, which is why all Turnkey Tooling clients will also receive access to ToolHound management software, ongoing product leadership and engineering support, OEM-accredited service agents, emergent support and additional equipment supply at short notice, warranty repair work and much more. 

What our clients say: 

“Renteca definitely has the upper hand having worked in this industry before. This made it easier for them to get the right gear because they know the environment and that cheap and nasty doesn’t work. They have certainly set a standard with the gear – it’s all new and they do maintain everything in the future. They also keep turning gear over so it’s always new. Having good gear which is compliant definitely adds value for us and there’s no doubt that better gear is a lot safer. The software system also makes life easy when it comes to controlling stock and maintaining accountability. The service we’ve received has been a step above the rest. Renteca is very good at reactive service which is great because that’s the industry that we’re in.”

-Superintendent, Downer

“Renteca’s proposal aligned well with CS Energy’s current five-year plan and provided excellent value and flexibility. They provided full support to ensure the transition was smooth and they engaged with all stakeholders. Feedback so far indicates that our work crews are very happy with the quality of tooling distributed and they have offered continuous feedback via their supervisors. Renteca’s solution has provided demonstratable commercial value with high percentage value apparent over the contractual term. Full compliance and follow up has been demonstrated and they’ve provided high-quality customer service to the overhaul team.”

-Contract Advisor, CS Energy

To learn more about Renteca’s premium Turnkey Tooling solutions or to discuss other mining equipment sales and service supply options,  submit an enquiry here or give the team a call on 07 3375 4146.