Industrial MIG welder

Industrial MIG welders for sale

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) is what most welding professionals refer to as MIG welding. In comparison to large, heavy-duty machines, MIG welding is great for smaller tasks and is a manual process that is largely utilised for repairing vehicles, fabrication, metalworks operations, maintenance and more. However, the scope of a MIG welder certainly extends into a much broader range of applications. 

A welding process that ultimately produces quality welds in short timeframes, MIG welding is a great choice if you’re looking for overall high productivity. 

If you’ve found yourself on the hunt for an industrial MIG welder or even welding equipment hire, you’ll benefit from browsing Australia’s largest stock of welding machinery from the leaders in equipment hire and sale, Renteca. 

Find the right MIG welder for you

Finding the right MIG welder for your business at the right price can be a lengthy task, however, with the biggest catalogue of industrial MIG welders for sale in Australia, Renteca is certain to have a machine for you. Take a look at a small selection of the wide range of MIG welders currently available:

Kemppi Pro Evolution 4200

The single most versatile machine for every need, the Kempii Pro Evolution makes it possible to assemble more than 100 different welding set variations for a wide variety of uses including MIG/MAG, pulse MIG, TIG, and MMA welding. With an impressive digital control system that features extensive panel options for outstanding useability, adjustments are streamlined meaning you can access a wide range of synergic programs. Exceedingly efficient, the Kempii Pro Evolution allows full welding power to be achieved thanks to long interconnection cables. This improves the extendibility and usability of the devices, especially in shipyards and offshore facilities, steel and metalworks operations, automotive applications, chemical and processing industries and even robotic welding.  

The benefits of an industrial MIG welder

Optimal project productivity: Executing a job with maximum efficiency is a major plus of MIG welding and this is thanks to the time that is saved by not having to constantly change rods, chip away slag, or brush welds repeatedly. This means that operators are able to work faster and in cleaner conditions which results in the very best of productivity (not to mention a satisfied operator). 

Ease of operation and quality welds: Dubbed as one of the easiest welding processes to learn, MIG welding involves simple applications that professionals can ascertain in as little as a few hours. In addition, MIG welding provides better pool visibility which directly contributes to an outstanding-looking weld.

Maximum project efficiency: Shielding gas is your best friend when MIG welding as it acts as a form of protection against the elements as the metal transfers. Efficiency is drastically increased when there is no slag to remove and only minor weld spatter occurs. In addition, continuously-fed wire keeps both hands free for MIG welding, which improves control, speed and overall weld integrity.  

Versatility and extreme welding speeds: Useable across a wide variety of metals, MIG welding also operates in different modes including semi and fully automatic. This makes MIG welding a smart choice for a huge selection of industries where working with materials like aluminium, copper, stainless steel, steel, nickel, and many more are required. 

Miller generator

Established in 2003, Renteca has been dealing with the hire supply and sale of welders for almost two decades. 

Located in a remote region? No problem. Renteca supplies equipment to some of the most isolated locations throughout the trans-Tasman including major mining and resources and infrastructure projects. 

So, whether you’re looking for industrial MIG welders for sale or are interested in hiring a machine, browse Renteca’s range here. Better yet, contact their skilled technical team for detailed information on existing stock levels.