Plasma cutter

How thick can you cut with a plasma cutter?

An application used for fabrication and maintenance in automotive works, construction, mining, marine and more, plasma cutters are an efficient way of cutting a range of materials which vary in thickness. While typical metals which can be cut with plasma include steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper, there is a wider range of conducive metals that work with plasma cutting, making it a reliable method of welding thanks to the high speed and precision it achieves coupled with low budgetary outlays. 

With a wide scope of uses spanning small-scale workshop jobs to massive industrial projects, you might find yourself scouting for the right machine to suits your needs. Learning about your new equipment is beneficial for your business as extra knowledge can save time and money when considering future operational procedures and abilities. 

If you’re looking for a new plasma cutter for sale or a used plasma cutter for sale, you first need to know the answer to  questions like, “How thick can you cut with a plasma cutter?” Here, we address everything you need to know about plasma cutting and where to find the right machine to suit your project needs. 

The basics of plasma cutting

The application of plasma involves cutting slices through electrically conductive materials via an accelerated jet of hot plasma. A system is produces due to high forces of gas being blown at excessive speeds through a nozzle creating an electric arc for cutting, this differs to traditional welding which is used solely to join materials. The internal engineering of plasma cutting is backed by electrically ionized gas which, when exposed to superheating, forms a channel of plasma which has the ability to perform as a high velocity and highly efficient cutting tool. 

But how thick can you cut with a plasma cutter? 

Handheld plasma torches can typically cut steel plates up to 38mm thick. Stronger automated machines, however, can cut up to an impressive 150mm in thickness. 

It’s due to a plasma cutters extremely hot and precisely localised nozzle that they are the preferred way to cut sheet metal in precise curved or angular shapes. Think vehicle body parts signage, heavy machinery components, pipelines, artistic sculptures, and much more. 

And what about minimum thickness?

Experienced welders will understand that a plasma cutter doesn’t have a minimum thickness it can cut. This is because, with use of the correct nozzle type and diameter plus amperage, any application is possible in terms of thinness. 

Plasma cutters to buy or hire: Renteca’s top pick

Hypertherm Powermax 1650 G3 Series

Another exceptional invention by Hypertherm, the Powermax 1650 dominates the many different aspects of metal cutting and gouging. Why? Because the Powermax 1650 plasma cutter is constructed with optimal performance at the fore, with the G3 Series offering outstanding potential in terms of quality, durability and speed. Boasting the patented T100 torch and T100M mechanised torch which has been proven to produce excellent results, along with contact start arc initiation, safety trigger and coaxial assist jet technology, the Powerman 1650 is unbeatable when it comes to performance and reliability. A truly versatile system with the ability to perform many different applications, whether you’re metal scrapping, undertaking industrial construction, welding repair services, completing truck and trailer manufacturing, plus more, this could be the unit for you.

Plasma cutter

Thermadyne Cutmaster Thermal Arc Cut 40

A favourite among plasma cutting pros, the Thermadyne Cutmaster 40mm plasma is the largest air-cooled manual system in the range. This heavy-duty inverter system boasts a duty cycle of 80 per cent in 40-degree ambient temperatures and is specifically designed for high-level applications requiring greater endurance and optimal cutting performance.

The specs:

Cutting capacity: True cut: 40mm

Max cut: 50mm

Severance cut: 55mm

Pierce rating: 25mm

  • 415V, three-phase, 50/60Hz
  • Auto pilot restart
  • True Guard roll bar
  • SL100 6.1mm hand cutting torch 
  • 120amp output 
  • Minimum recommended power generator: 16.5kVa
  • Output power: 15.4kW
  • 28.1kg
  • 385h x 315w x 7751mm

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