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How much does it cost to hire a MIG welder?

There is an array of welding methods to choose from when it comes to fabrication. Depending on the scope of your project, you may choose to use either MIG, TIG or stick welding machines. 

MIG welding boasts a range of benefits including increased productivity, production of quality welds, ease of operation, lower cost, faster welding speed and its notable cleanliness and efficiency, making MIG hard to go by for many. 

If you’re already convinced that a MIG welder is the right machine for you and you’re shopping around for equipment to acquire, you might find yourself asking, “How much does it cost to hire a MIG welder?”

Whether you’re deliberating on welding equipment hire or industrial welders for sale, Renteca holds the largest stock of welders Australia-wide, so you’re certain to find the right gear for the job. 

So, how much does it cost to hire a MIG welder? The cost varies in price depending on your preferred machine’s brand, output ability, rental time required, and other features. 

Renteca features Australia’s biggest selection of welding equipment for hire

With 18 years’ experience supplying welders and welding equipment to businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Papua New Guinea, Renteca is proud to stock Australia’s largest selection of welders for purchase and hire. Whether you need a compact welder, engine driven welder, stud welder, or specialised welding automation gear, Renteca has a solution for the job.

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Renteca has been stocking industry-preferred welders for nearly two decades, meaning client partners always procure hireable systems which feature the most recent innovative technology together with a range of accompanying equipment options that offer optimal operational and budget productivity. 

The best part is, all Renteca welders are performance ready certified and ready to ship directly from one of their four branches located on both the east and west coasts of Australia. 

Offering premium grade welding equipment hire that is rigorously maintained by OEM technical personnel also boasts flow-on benefits for those looking to purchase machines, as Renteca’s range of industrial welders for sale are either ex-fleet or state-of-the-art new systems ordered directly from a selection of respected manufacture partners including Lincoln Electric and Miller Electric. 

Here is a snapshot of Renteca’s MIG welders which are currently available for hire or purchase: 

More about MIG welding

MIG welding is an arc welding process where a continuous solid wire electrode is fed through a welding gun and into the weld pool, joining two materials together. 

With shielding gas also sent through the welding gun to protect the weld pool from contamination, MIG processes enable streamlined fabrication or maintenance on materials from 24-gauge up to a half-inch thick. 

Because of its ease of use, MIG welding is ideal for a broad scope of users including professional boiler makers, custom fabricators, hobbyists, artists, farmers, motorsports enthusiasts and more. In fact, most people can become competent operating MIG welders by following basic welding advice. 

Fact: MIG stands for metal inert gas and the technical name for it is gas metal arc welding (or GMAW), while the slang name for it is wire welding.

At a glance: MIG, TIG or stick welding


  • Arguably the most simplified welding process to learn
  • Featuring maximum efficiency with high welding speeds easily possible
  • Provides improved control on thinner metals
  • Cleans welds leaving no by-product behind 
  • Offers versatility as the same equipment can be used for flux-cored welding


  • Provides very high quality and precise welds
  • Showcases highly aesthetic weld beads
  • Machines allow for the adjustment of heat input while welding 


  • Optimal for challenging conditions, such as wind or other outdoor environments
  • Final results are more forgiving when welding on dirty or rusty metal
  • Great for use on thicker materials
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Leaders in supplying short and long-term welding equipment hire solutions since 2003, Renteca offers machinery for even the smallest portable welding jobs up to massive, large-scale operations. 

Remember, even compact machines can have a hefty upfront cost, so in many cases it can be more sensible financially to hire a welder plus the associated equipment you require. 

With Renteca’s entire fleet and purchasable range tested and maintained by factory trained technicians, it makes sense to liaise with their skilled team on what will suit your project from their wide catalogue of equipment. To learn more about what’s currently available, contact Renteca today.