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Everything you need to know about industrial generator hire

Power generators are a critical component of many jobs when electricity might not be available or easy to access. Industrial generators are a staple within countless industries and can be used in many different applications including as a main source of power in remote regions for domestic, recreational or industrial use; in areas with limited grid connection; or as a standby power solution in the case of an emergency, such as during an electrical services interruption due to natural disaster.

The most robust generator of its kind, diesel generators are faultlessly constructed, reliably robust, and sturdy enough to take on all types of tasks. You may see an industrial generator used as a part of disaster recovery, during construction or maintenance operations, as electricity for data centres, in mining operations, as a hospital backup resource during emergencies, plus much more. 

If you’ve ever wondered about industrial generator hire including details about the different equipment on the market and what’s involved in the hiring process, settle in for a quick read of this comprehensive guide to generator hire. 

Capabilities of Renteca’s industrial generator range

Renteca offers power generator hire for both short and long-term projects spanning construction sites, plant or mine site shutdowns, defence operations, agricultural requirements and more. Holding expansive stock of industrial generator solutions Australia-wide, Renteca boasts a comprehensive range of machines from 20kVa generators for small site use up to large base load generator farms comprising machines up to several megawatts. 

Whatever size you need, Renteca has a suitable power generator system available for rent from leading industry brands such as Caterpillar and Inmesol, and you can browse the complete rental fleet here.  If you’re in the market to purchase a machine of your own, take a look at our range of new and used machines manufactured by brands these major brands plus those such as Denyo.

Renteca’s rental fleet features a wide range of premium equipment including:

  • Inmesol 22kVa: Ideal for temporary electrical supply where main applications might include construction, civil works, infrastructure, underground projects, entertainment concerts or celebrations, telecommunications requirements, plus more.
  • Inmesol 200kVa: A heftier power solution, this machine is designed and manufactured with robustness at the fore for work in severe weather conditions. It also features a soundproof cabin and has convenient accessibility for streamlined maintenance. 

Looking to buy a machine of your own? Take a look at new power generators such as: 

  • Caterpillar 400kVa: This C13 diesel generator has been developed to produce reliable power from 350 to 450kVA at 50Hz. Each generator set has been designed to meet ISO 8528-5 transient response requirements and built to accept 100 per cent of rated load in one step.
  • Inmesol 500kVa: A machine for heavy duty power requirements, this electrical energy generating instrument features a diesel Volvo TAD1345GE engine. It operates at 50Hz with three-phase powering ability. It also features an alternator model STAMFORD HCI544C with 400/230 Voltage, which is used in places where there is no mains supply or a mains failure.

You can take advantage of Renteca’s meticulous servicing standards and acquire a premium used generator system like these:  

  • Denyo DC45: Choose from a 39kVa or 45kVa unit, both with very low running hours and a minimum three-month warranty. Harness robust reliability for your next job with these machines featuring Hino engines and Denyo alternators.
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Why choose Renteca for generator hire?

Renteca’s technical team has the ability to assess power generator requirements and provide electrical engineering support across a broad range of industries to offer machinery packages that boast the very best of value and efficiency. Whether your project will span two months or two years, Renteca has versatile generator hire solutions that focus on stringent project budgets, fuel economy, power redundancy, reliability and have the ability to get the job done to deadline, every time.

With a wide range of generators available ranging in size from 20kVa to several megawatts, the team can determine a suitable lease package for your job depending on load and power-up requirements. To organise a quick briefing call, register your details here and a team member will promptly get in touch. 

But the Renteca service doesn’t stop there. With a highly skilled team that consists largely of licensed electrical contractors, Renteca has the ability to manage installation requirements to get your job started with streamlined success. No need to worry about setting up your power generator with the correct electrical and fuel delivery systems, Renteca’s skilled engineers can get systems running easily which includes the installation of automatic transfer switches to mitigate technical issues in the event of a power outage. Renteca also provide remote monitoring and hybrid generator solutions. 

With acquisition and installation now in place, Renteca can also handle all power generator maintenance and repairs thanks to their sweeping Australian footprint from the east to the west coast. 

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Renteca is proud to harness years of experience working with industrial power generators from leading manufactures. A reputation built on premium service and comprehensive knowledge, Renteca’s team of skilled technical engineers and licensed electricians regularly undergo rigorous OEM training  to ensure power generators are kept in premium condition. Optimise your project efficiency or acquire quality machinery for your business by calling the team on 07 3375 4146. Alternately, register for a call-back by submitting your details here