How much does an industrial generator cost?

While the cost of hiring industrial generators is significantly less than purchasing, the bottom line is always dependant on each machine’s output ability. 

Most stationary diesel generators cost from $15,000 for a 20kVa machine into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for a large multi megawatt system. Keep in mind, mine site compliance, remote monitoring, synchronising controllers and other site-specific requirements can affect the final system cost. 

Renteca offers a range of power generators with varying capabilities. As a major supplier of rental systems to a broad range of industries across Australia and overseas, Renteca also stocks new generators for sale, as well as premium used generators. Here is a snapshot of what you might find when looking to acquire your generator solutions through Renteca:  

Inmesol or Caterpillar 100kVA generator: Used for applications such as to power a construction site, industrial generators of this size can create energy for ablution blocks, work sheds, lunchrooms, air conditioners, general three-phase systems and lighting and electric motor starting for pumps and compressors up to 30kW.

Inmesol or Caterpillar 200kVA generator:  This robust machine produces single and three-phase electricity to run a massive range of electrical items. A 200kVA system has power outlets for direct connection to single or three-phase power leads but can also be connected to a distribution board and even hardwired into electrical boxes to power major projects including high rise buildings.

Inmesol or Caterpillar 500kVA generator: Industrial generators of this size are used for large-scale emergencies or for planned commercial, mining or industrial projects. Their capabilities include being the primary source of energy for civil and construction sites which involves the use of heavy machinery including crushing plants and remote camps. 500kVA generators are also used as an emergency power source for critical equipment within hospitals, in industries where refrigeration is required, and more. 

What size generator do I need?

It’s important to understand generator sizing to account for the load it will need to handle, which in turn determines pricing. When calculating the power your generator needs to provide, it’s important to assess the overall load in order to determine the correct solution. Ultimately, the solution needs to consider load diversity, motor starting requirements, the degree of redundancy required and site location. 

When sizing a generator, use a manufacturer’s sizing tool or speak with a Renteca customer engineer so they can perform a calculation for you. 

Remember to total the wattages of all small appliances, tools, and other items such as light bulbs which are to be operated simultaneously. Most appliances have labels showing wattage, so making these calculations should be relatively easy. 

Pro tip: It’s important to use extension cords of adequate current carrying capacity when utilising a power generator to operate portable electric tools, for example. Undersized cords result in excessive voltage drops which incurs additional generator loading. This can also cause excessive heating of the powered devices because voltage drop reduces tool capacity and increases amp draw. It’s also important that cords are long enough to distance the generator from any occupied structures.

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There is a wide range of power generators available at Renteca including 20kVA, 40kVA, 80kVA, 100kVA, 135kVA, 150kVA, 200kVA, 250kVA, 300kVA, 370kVA, 400kVA, 500kVA and those in between. 

Whether you need a small system to power a temporary job, or a large fleet of industrial-sized machines to sustain the life of an ongoing heavy industries project, Renteca has the premium and performance-ready certified equipment for your needs.

Renteca offers a wide selection of generators for hire to suit a diverse range of applications including those within the construction, mining and resources, agriculture, defence and transport industries. We also offer industrial generators for sale which are both new and used. Renteca is distinguished within the industry thanks to our extensive knowledge of premium OEM equipment and meticulous servicing ability which results in an unblemished track record of providing reliable equipment. Click here to browse our entire range.