Australia’s leading supplier of premium heavy industry equipment, sales and service

As a leading equipment provider within the heavy industries for the past 20 years, Renteca’s success comes from partnering with each client to engineer comprehensive equipment and service solutions which ensure maximum value is added to each project.

By combining technical expertise with extensive industry experience, Renteca consistently spearheads market-leading solutions in the form of robust and reliable packages for clients across the trans-Tasman.

An approach which has set a new benchmark within the sector, Renteca upholds an unwavering commitment to consistently supply premium equipment, service and sales solutions which guarantee clients will be performance-ready with productivity at the fore.

No industry is off limits. Renteca has partnered with clients for heavy industry supplies within the mining, resources, construction, manufacturing, defence and agriculture industries, plus more.

Based in five locations across Australia including Brisbane, Townsville, Newcastle, Perth and Karratha, Renteca is one of the most responsive equipment providers in the industry – a key factor in their success over the past two decades.

Our Locations

The Renteca difference

The Renteca difference hinges on the team’s consistent ability to approach projects from a comprehensive perspective, regardless of the scale or specialisation.

It is by combining extensive technical knowledge with high levels of hands-on experience that Renteca leverages a unique perspective on project solutions which offers quality, compliance and reliability each and every time.

With a sweeping national footprint, comprehensive range of power generatrion and welding equipment, and team of highly skilled technicians behind them, Renteca works for their clients to ensure productivity is maximised from start to finish.

The Renteca difference is derived from four key areas:

By creating customisable and project-specific scalable solutions with unique packages for even the most challenging sites and project constraints

Renteca’s team is passionate, so they are invested in heavily to ensure they have the skills and expertise in equipment service and sales that competitors simply can’t match

Renteca has become renowned for the speed at which they deploy equipment which continually satisfies tight deadlines for heavy industry supplies to some of the largest projects in Australia – this is backed by having the country’s largest catalogue of stock and depots in multiple key destinations

The Renteca fleet includes power generation and welding equipment from leading manufacturers and is constantly updated with state-of-the-art technology that offers innovative capabilities

Our Vision

To own the future of project and plant overhaul rental solutions throughout Oceania.

Our Mission

To contribute to our customers success by deploying the best people and industrial equipment Technology on the best projects to the best businesses in their sector

Our Values

Be Challenged

It feels good to find a better way, and to achieve something difficult. Everything good takes effort.

Innovation is everything contest the status quo


Do it Together

Respect each other, listen to understand different ideas.

Build trust and one team relationships with each other and our clients


Do it Right

Conduct our business with integrity, rigor in everything we do, with a focus on sustainability is key to our success.



We do what we say we will. Our ability to execute our contracts safety, on time and problem free is in our DNA.

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to providing superior compliant equipment and market-leading service support which enables performance-ready capabilities and unsurpassed project results.

To mobilise our responsibility, we:

  • Practise a versatile Quality Management System adaptable to ISO 9001:2015 requirements under our audit-approved compliance
  • Consistently demonstrate our core values of providing safe, innovative and reliable products
  • Ensure continued compliance of all equipment in accordance with stringent OEM guidelines
  • Investing in new technology to offer modern industry-preferred solutions
  • Activate ongoing industry education and compliance of all Renteca personnel across our trans-Tasman footprint, providing unmatched skills and experience
  • Prioritise our customers with dependable service support and by conducting our business with integrity and transparency

The ISO 9001:2015 standard is based on a range of quality management principles including practicing a strong customer focus, activating the motivation of senior management, adhering to a process approach and continual organisational improvement.

Our exceptional quality management system assists us to maintain our compliance to regulatory and legal requirements including the quality control inspections and documentation records essential to the integrity of any mining and resources supplier.


Certificate Number FS690740

Renteca operates and maintains a Quality Management System which has been third party audited and conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015

Health & Safety Policy

Renteca PTY LTD (Renteca) was established in 2003 and is an equipment supply and repair company specialising in the supply of welding, power generation and specialised products. Renteca provides its products and services to the various industries in Australia, Oceania and South East Asia.

People are our most important asset and we aim to take every possible action to prevent harm occurring to our staff, contractors, visitors and the communities within which we work. It is Renteca policy that all personnel consider Health and Safety Management as essential prerequisites to all aspects of their work.

The objectives of this policy are:

  • To ensure Renteca complies with the requirements set out in the applicable jurisdictional Work Health & Safety legislation;
  • To implement and maintain safe systems of work.
  • To undertake risk management activities to identify, eliminate and/or manage risks in the workplace;
  • To ensure work related injury and illness is prevented.
  • To establish measurable health and safety objectives and targets;
  • To involve workers in the decision making processes through regular communication, consultation, training and active encouragement to identify health and safety issues and make suggestions for continuous improvement;
  • To ensure all potential accident/incidents are controlled and prevented; and
  • To provide effective rehabilitation and return to work for injured employees.

To this effect, all managers, supervisors and employees have a shared responsibility to follow defined health and safety requirements, to observe agreed procedures and to initiate actions to prevent incidents through the rectification of identified or suspected hazards or risks.

Without excluding any statutory or regulatory standards and requirements, where there is a variation between a customer’s health and safety standards and/or requirements and those of Renteca, the standard or requirement which provides the highest level of risk minimisation for the health and safety of all persons on site shall be adopted as the minimum standard or requirement. Renteca shall seek relevant customer standards or requirements to Renteca prior to the commencement of work on site.


Renteca’s experienced team understands that each job is variable, so the assessment phase accounts for more than just equipment hire. Overarching considerations include schedules, budgets, safety, compliance, logistics and continuation plans.


Renteca’s multiple locations enable trans-Tasman access to extensive equipment holdings including the largest welding equipment supply in Australia, reinforcing their capacity to support clients with reliable resources spanning any project size or lifecycle.


Ensuring safety and efficiency is pivotal for all projects, which is why Renteca offers integrated maintenance safeguards for a broad scope of needs. Access their range of continuation solutions including off-site remote support, on-site backup equipment, installation technicians and service support personnel.


Renteca’s experienced team is renowned for providing highly specialised technical advice with industry-leading speed and consistency. Protect a seamless project plan with comprehensive equipment systems and strong preventative measures supported by faultless responsiveness and innovative solutions.