• Make:Fancui
  • Model:Pro Gen X

Fanuci Pro GenX 3 in one laser welder, laser cleaning, laser polishing and cutting.

This best-selling, world class industrial handheld laser welding machine is available in the following power variants: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 3000W. Designed to accommodate all production needs including dual wire, cleaning and cutting. Highly advanced technology to maximise welding processes and intuitive use.

FANUCI 4th generation of laser welding machines. The most innovative, advanced welding equipment available on the market. Laser welding technology ensures absolute stability, quality and highest precision of the welding process. It perfectly replaces traditional welding methods, especially of thin materials made of stainless steel, aluminium, carbon or galvanised steel, copper, brass and many others, including highly reflexive materials. Laser welding is generating higher volumes of production while minimising production costs by lower energy and gas demand. Giving absolute superiority over competition. FANUCI machines are built only with most reliable components produced by global TOP-TECH manufacturers. FANUCI 4.0 PRO GenX welding machine is equipped with FANUCI PowerON laser source, RAPTOR 4.0 PRO laser head with patented oscillating beam movement, LaserWELD 4.0 PRO 4in1 or 2W operating system, EasyWIRE 4.0 PRO automatic single or double wire feeder. FANUCI proprietary, high-tech laser welding solutions provide not only stable, high and fast operations, but also perfect quality of welding seam. It is the very guarantee of industrial durability for years. FANUCI laser welding machines come with full 2-3 years warranty for the whole device. Internal design allows to connect FANUCI manual fiber welders with robots through singular, quick control socket for laser welding automation. FDA, CE certified and WPQR TUV Rheinland approved!

Fanuci Pro
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