Experience unwavering productivity with Renteca’s 30KVA generators

At Renteca, we understand the importance of reliable power generation in the success of your business operations. That’s why we offer a wide range of high-quality 30KVA generators for sale, designed to meet your diverse power needs and ensure uninterrupted productivity.


Our Range of 30KVA Generators for Sale

We offer standout models: including the Inmesol 30KVA generator. Each model is built for optimal performance, durability, and reliability, ensuring they can withstand the demands of various industrial environments.

30KVA Generator Applications

A 30KVA diesel generator is capable of powering a variety of commercial and industrial equipment. Here are some of the most common applications for 30KVA generators:

  • Construction Sites: Keep your equipment running and your project on schedule with our dependable 30KVA generators.
  • Manufacturing Plants: Maintain uninterrupted production lines, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity in your operations.
  • Event Management: Ensure the lights stay on and the sound system keeps playing at your events, providing a seamless experience for attendees.
  • Emergency Backup: Be prepared for unexpected power outages with a reliable backup power source, minimizing operational disruptions.
  • Agriculture: Power your farming equipment efficiently, aiding in tasks such as irrigation, crop harvesting, and livestock management.
  • Telecommunications: Support your telecom infrastructure, ensuring consistent network connectivity and uninterrupted services.
  • Mining Operations: Power your mining equipment in remote locations, keeping your operations running smoothly.


Key Features of Our 30KVA Generators

CAT 30KVA Generator

  • Robust Construction: Built to withstand demanding conditions, delivering reliable power consistently.
  • Advanced Control System: Enables effortless monitoring and management of your power supply.
  • Space Saving: Requires up to 16% less space for installation, freeing up more room for your ongoing operations.
  • Event Logging: The GCCP auto mains control panel logs up to 250 events, providing a comprehensive history of alarms and operating indicators.
  • Waterproof Design: Its one-piece roof, sloped at 1°, prevents water accumulation, ensuring enhanced reliability and durability.

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Inmesol 30KVA Generator

  • Compact and Efficient Design: Optimizes space usage without compromising power output.
  • Soundproof Enclosure: Allows for low-noise operation, making it ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments.
  • Fuel Efficient: Ensures longer runtimes while reducing fuel consumption.
  • Programmable Clock: Allows for convenient scheduling and better control over the power supply.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Makes operation and maintenance simple and quick.

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Fuel Consumption of Our 30KVA Generators

CAT 30KVA Generator

Our CAT 30KVA generator is designed for superior performance and efficiency. Its fuel consumption rates are as follows:

  • At 50% load, it consumes 6.7 litres per hour, delivering half of its maximum power while maintaining excellent fuel economy.
  • At 75% load, this increases slightly to 9.5 litres per hour, providing three-quarters of the maximum power output.
  • At a full 100% load, the generator consumes 12.8 litres per hour, delivering its full power potential while still maintaining impressive fuel efficiency.

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Inmesol 30KVA Generator

The Inmesol 30KVA three-phase generator is renowned for its exceptional fuel efficiency. Here’s what you can expect in terms of fuel consumption:

  • At 50% load, it uses just 3.2 litres per hour, making it an economical choice for situations where full power isn’t required.
  • At 75% load, it consumes 4.7 litres per hour, providing ample power for most applications while still keeping fuel usage low.
  • When operating at 100% load, it uses 6.2 litres per hour, delivering maximum power without excessive fuel consumption.

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Maximum Load of Our 30KVA Generators

The Inmesol 30KVA generator, on the other hand, can accommodate a maximum load of 22.2 kW. While this is lower than the CAT model, it’s still ample for many commercial and industrial applications. This generator delivers efficient power, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a balance between power output and operational efficiency

At Renteca, we are committed to providing top-notch power solutions to meet your business needs. Explore our range of 30KVA generators today and experience the Renteca difference.

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